The Vegan Thread

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  • Definitely will be trying this! The quantities sound like quite the fest for two humans!

  • We thought we wouldn't be able to get through it but we managed 😁

  • Gonna finish this bottle of wine and watch a film then that babka a page or so back is going to be attempted and finished off tomorrow with a bit of a hangover.

  • It's not too bad.

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  • This is interesting, I've been concerned that we hear a lot about China's increases in meat-eating (as well as the more lurid stuff about ploughing through endangered species), but hadn't heard that there was pretty good progress being made in addressing the dangers, even if this headline seems to be over-selling it:­ar/09/chinas-appetite-for-meat-fades-as-­vegan-revolution-takes-hold

    Did the first Ironman China some years back and, between the lack of non-meat food available and my lack of an ability to explain what I could eat, ended up going into the race after three days of eating nothing but crackers and a couple of apples. What with the 42-degree heat on race day, it did not end well.

  • An Iron Man sounds fucking terrible, 42 degree heat sounds fucking terrible. Combine the two and I'm not going to entertain that as even a remote possibility.

  • I made this seitan today. Absolutely banging, best I've ever made (not that the bar is particularly high). Absolutely loads of faff and it took about 5 hours but worth it. Will definitely be making again but in larger quantities so that it doesn't take about an hour per portion. (Excuse dodgy phone pic).

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  • That! Sounds! Amazing! But! The! School! Night! Vegan! Link! Is! Quite! Enthusiastic! Ha! Ha!
    But seriously, that looks so good, going to give it a try :)

  • Definitely suffers from the classic online recipe trope of being overly enthusiastic and feels like it could slip into a fairly detailed autobiography at any moment.

  • that looks awesome. and is making me ready for lunch already.

  • The only thing I'd do differently with that recipe next time is maybe add a bit more of the silken tofu or something else to add a bit of moisture and help it all stick together a bit better.

  • Had vegan feast box from Kolamba at Home tonight, exceptionally good, recommended .

  • I have just moved cities, Dishoom vegan naan kit tomorrow to celebrate!

  • Looks really good. Would happily eat deep fried seitan until failure.

  • I can't be trusted with a deep fryer but it came out well in the air fryer!

  • That looks great for an air fryer and now makes me want an air fryer

  • Recommended air fryer?

  • Congrats! Where did you move to?

  • We use ours all the time, would highly recommend! We use it for all sorts of stuff, not just junk food, tonight's air fryer experiment was crispy spicy okra which was pretty good.

    @dumps we have this one, I have nothing to compare it to but it works well. The downside being that it's fucking massive and takes up a lot of surface space in our fairly small kitchen. It's nice and easy to clean though!

  • Congrats on the move! Have you scoped out your nearest vegan friendly takeaways yet?

  • makes me want an air fryer

    fuck now I want one as well

  • An air fryer and a rice cooker and you're pretty much set.

  • There's a Chinese takeaway place round the corner that has a whole vegan panel in their fold-out menu! The future is now.

  • Nice!
    Does anyone want a copy of the Thug Kitchen cookbook? I'm sure there are some great recipes in there but I can't get past the extremely edgy sweary (read as cringey) writing style. Free to good home, otherwise it's off to a charity shop when they're open again.

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The Vegan Thread

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