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  • Id go as far to say, I don't think they exist. I'm currently working through 2 different choc flavoured blends from Bulk Powders, first tastings were rank. Started to add some Aplro chocolate milk and they're kind of OK now.

  • I'm also currently working through the bulk powder vegan choc too!!!
    Getting through it has been almost harder then sticking to my training plan haha!

  • Secret Training do a mint chocolate vegan protein powder and I like it mixed just with water, tastes good to me.

    I've tried a few and this is the first not to give me dire gastric distress..

  • I like the protein works vegan blend. Never pay full price though, there’s almost always an offer available for around 50% off.

    They also do a vegan wonder shake that seems to be very well reviewed but I’ve not tried it as it’s pretty expensive.

  • Woah, need this in the UK plz

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  • ^much excite

    In other news, Tesco's usually pretty decent Plant Kitchen range have produced a mince pie. It's not great, but at last they have a vegan mincer in store now.

  • Yeah, I'm on the mince pies already, bite me.

  • Ah I just added some of them to my online order this morning. Anyone know if Greggs have started selling their mincers yet?

  • I think it's still interesting when the big brands get involved (reach etc.), but as Fat Gay Vegan always warns, let's make sure the smaller, independent producers, who are often passionate about veganism, aren't crowded out.

    I usually try products from major producers once or twice and then go back to buying similar independent products.

    Most recently, I found vegan burgers from Bird's Eye somewhere, which I thought were very good. However, there are so many now that I have no need to buy them.

  • Yeah, I get where you're coming from, particularly when it's a firm like Hellman's who take legal action to try to ban people from using the term 'vegan mayo' and then have the brass bollocks to bring out a product called 'Vegan Mayo'.

    Round these parts, we've not got much access to the shops that stock the independent brands - big Tesco, NISA and a few small local shops which are a bit shit for anything vegan. This isn't trendy north London.

  • It's not labeled as vegan but I think SIS rego might be

  • It isn't I'm afraid. Contains whey protein. I'm also on the hunt for good vegan protein powder, not found any yet but will post if I do

  • It says on their description it's soy

    SiS REGO Rapid Recovery contains soy protein isolate, which is made from the de-fatted beans leaving a high quality protein source and a full amino acid profile.

    I've tried the vegan protein from MyProtein and Tribe both are rank. Form is suppose to be good but very expensive

  • Ah

    SiS REGO Rapid Recovery contains vitamin D, which is derived from animal sources.

  • Anyone got a nice Bibimbap recipie?

  • The myprotein/myvegan pea protein is fine I think, at least I can't taste it over cinnamon/frozen fruit/oats in my morning shake.

  • Ah I'm sorry, total fake news! I must have been remembering it is not vegan, but not the right reason.

  • The one I got from MyProtein had Joe Wicks on the front on it, awful stuff

  • Tribe salted chocolate is nice

  • My fav is the pulsin pea protein.

  • Picked up one of these from tescos. Anyone tried it?

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  • I copied this the other day as we had a load of misc veg on the way out – the stock made an excellent gravy, and I used the mega-roasted veggies as the base for a pie filling. totally awesome

  • I’ve had ma po tofu from Noodle Street in Westferry almost weekly for close to a decade. It’s my favourite thing ever.

    Also, Seabrook’s Beefy crisps are vegan and excellent.

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The Vegan Thread

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