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  • What's the go-to milk alt these days? Still Oatly?

    Missus is going dairy-free for a while and I find the impact on these bircher modifications pretty gross (coconut milk ruins the taste and almond milk just doesn't seem to soak in enough)

  • Good Hemp - hemp milk for breakfast cereals
    Oatly Semi - in normal tea/coffee
    Oatly Barista - in coffee and hot chocolate

  • Alpro normally has good offers so we try them all, hazeltnut is a favourite, it's like drinking a light chocolate milk shake, goes in coffee and doesn't split. Not sure how it'd go on bircher.

  • Ta, I think Oatly was the best last time we tried a few. Not tried Hemp. Looking for something better for bircher that doesn't ruin the other flavours.

  • Alpro normally has good offers so we try them all, hazeltnut is a favourite, it's like drinking a light chocolate milk shake, goes in coffee and doesn't split. Not sure how it'd go on bircher.

    Ta, I'll pass this over too.

  • I’m properly accustomed to it now, so it just seems normal to me, but I seem to remember when I first tried it, i was aware of the slightly seedy/nutty flavour, very mild flavours though. Defo my preferred for Bircher.

  • Rice milk is pretty mild on the flavour. Too watery for me but I have a friend who swears by it

  • For bircher this might be ok.

    If it's a choice between alt milks and black coffee though, black coffee is winning. The alts all taste too strange for me.

  • My non vegan brother has switched from dairy milk to oatly barista for coffee because he prefers the taste and consistency. I drink my coffee black anyway but seems like it's worth a punt if you've not tried that variant!

  • yeah that was what we tried a while back. It's definitely the best of the alts that I've tried but cow milk still wins. But I could probably cope if she sticks with that. I was drinking espresso only for the last 6 months anyway, but now working from home with the big machine steaming milk is easy so we've been doing lattes again.

  • Best beetroot recipes? I have quite a lot to get through after a bumper harvest on the allotment!

  • Partner makes a really good roasted beetroot risotto. Can ask for a recipe.

  • Morissons own brand 'Oat' is pretty good.

  • Ta. There's one of those near here so will give it a go. I know I can get Oatly here too.

  • It's this one, just switch the butter for an alternative and optionally use a parmesan alternative­risotto

  • Borscht, can have it cold as well so makes for a refreshing lunch these days

  • As an almost-dairy-free convert, I've only really tried a few soya milks and a little bit of oat milk. From memory, oat milk does taste great in coffee but it seemed a little watery, and required too much to get the same effect/taste difference. Having poo-pooed soya milk for some time, I finally converted full time after realising that the unsweetened stuff is more palatable in tea and coffee than the sweetened.

    IANADietician, etc. but I do try to read up on what's being consumed. I'm not convinced by the article above; criticising a product for being a combination of fat, sugar and water, when actually the quantities of the "bad stuff" really aren't that high, or much different from the product it's supposed to be replacing, seems a bit disingenuous. Besides, is rapeseed oil really that bad? It's the main oil I use for cooking precisely cos I thought it had a good nutritional profile as far as fats go??

    In fact, if you wanted to make a case against oat milk from a vegan nutrition perspective, IMO it falls down on protein content: only 1%, compared to >3% in either cow's milk or soya milk.

    TL;DR: I reckon unsweetened soya milk is a good shout in terms of both taste and nutrition...
    edit... assuming it's got your added calcium and B and D vitamins. :)

  • @gms and @spinnnout thanks! Borscht on the hob now. Risotto later in the week I think!

  • Really enjoying Rebel Recipes atm. Check her out on instagram. Website is trove of amazing-ness.

  • On my search for vegan toast toppings I ended up having marmite, hummus, chilli flakes and a grind of black pepper on some crunchy toast.

    A nice covering of marmite on the toast first followed by a very liberal layer of hummus then the chilli and pepper on top.

    I think it's amazing and I'd like someone else to try it and see if I'm just crazy.

  • Marmite and houmous is a winner, so much so you can now buy it pre mixed, I put black pepper on everything and chilli is never a bad addition. Also good on crumpets.

  • Ah man, I thought maybe I was a trail blazer.

    Alas, late to the party, as usual.

  • It's a good party though.

  • For another good random combo try tahini and miso

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The Vegan Thread

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