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  • Aubergines, puy lentils and a few other bits blitzed up can make a good meatball substitute.

    I also has a near disaster with some cooked chestnut and mushroom burgers the other day (mix very wet), but it ended up having the meatiest texture of anything I've cooked since becoming vegan.

    Will take a pic of recipes and send if u can find them later.

  • Anyone looking for nice groceries in Peckham should check out the odds.

    I really like their Kimchi and they have a good range of vegan products.

    Also they hand out these awesome holographic stickers- as if you needed another reason to shop there :)

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  • Tofu scramble on toast lunch, yum.

  • Very tasty doughnuts too

  • amazing stickers

  • i have been reducing my meat intake over the past year and have now decided to go vegan. I just wanted to say thanks to this thread as its a massive mine of information and knowledge.
    Im sure ill be back to ask basic questions that make eyes roll and shouts of utfs.

  • their sweet treats are a party in your mouth. Local cinnamon buns. Yes!

  • I will try and get round to spending £7 on a block of cheese but I can’t bring myself to it yet

  • Amazing! Ask away, everyone started somewhere, anything that can make the transition smoother can only be a good thing.

  • Hope you enjoy your new adventure in food!

  • I love what the pitta and would like to try and make something similar at home. I think they they soya chunks like these -­roduct/holland-barrett-natural-soya-prot­ein-chunks-60082095

    Does anyone have any experience of frying these and putting them in a kebab/flatbread? I've not used them at all before.

  • Get yourself some kebab spiced Oomph from the frozen aisle in Tescos

  • Lovely! It's honestly one of the best things I've ever done

  • @birofunk - Thanks for this, I'd not been aware of tofu scramble before. I'm not vegan, and eggs are a regular feature of my diet but this could certainly help to wean me off, at least a little bit. I used a simplified* version of this recipe and it came out pretty well with Marmite, beans and mushrooms on home-made wholemeal. (Token rocket from the allotment!) Will enjoy tinkering with flavourings; a bit heavy on the turmeric this time I think.

    *I've not heard of kala namak. Is it worth sourcing?

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  • No worries! The salt really does make a difference. The moment you open up the pack it smells like eggs! It'll last you aaaaages too as you only need a pinch.

    That looks delicious!

  • The moment you open up the pack it smells like eggs!

    Yea, did buy a pack once, opened it, threw it right away.

  • I've not heard of kala namak. Is it worth sourcing?

    Yeah, it's great, but don't use much or any other salt, it smells super eggy when cooking but calms down a bit once cooked.

  • Canned banana blossom. I’ve had this fresh in restaurants as tempura and loved it, but its appearance was extremely off-putting from the can (I think John Hurt had this stuck to his face in the late 70s). It tasted OK coated in panko breadcrumbs and baked, but was nothing special. I won’t be trying this again.

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  • Fantastic, ask anything. Don't feel silly, we've all been there.

  • frying it is better.

  • frying it is better

    End the thread right there tbh

  • I tried a couple of years ago to cut out salt and oil but basically flopped pretty quickly.

    I'm a lot more confident/proficient in the kitchen now tho and have pretty much managed to go oil-free. Actually been surprisingly easy once you get used to not starting every meal with a massive glug of oil in the pan!

    Gonna be much harder to cut out salt tho. And yeah, no way I could live without nuts! I think the more hardcore Esselstyn approach is for people with existing heart conditions etc, hence minimum fat intake.

  • Playing catch up on this thread. To add to the tempeh discussion great 'bacon' recipe here. Just blend em all together. The trick is to cut the tempeh as thinly as possible an marinate for a few hours.

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  • Thanks all it's based on health issues and mainly food based but want to extend to ethical side of things also. I've actually enjoyed reading about alternatives in flavorings and stuff. The better half bought some of that black salt last week, well eggy!!! Thanks all 👍

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The Vegan Thread

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