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  • If you ask a question like that, you have to post your recipe first. :)

    (I don't have one.)

  • Scramble:

    glug of coconut oil
    red onion, diced
    3 cloves garlic
    block firm tofu
    hunk of nutritional yeast

    to bung on top:

    1/4 tsp black salt and or chives.
    juice of 1/2 lemon


  • Ha ha, fair enough. Mine is pretty slapdash (like all of my cooking) but tends to be:
    Heat splash of oil on medium heat, add crumbled block of firm tofu.
    Add spring onion, sesame seeds and a couple of cloves of garlic.
    Add smoked paprika and a fair bit of black pepper.
    Cook for a bit, then add splash of light soy sauce and a splash of sesame oil.
    Add roughly half a cup's worth of unsweetened oat milk and some nutritional yeast.
    Cook until it's the consistency of runny-ish eggs.
    I normally top mine with some sliced raw chilli but for some reason my girlfriend has something against setting fire to her mouth first thing in the morning.

  • The black salt and lemon angle sounds intriguing!

  • Black salt for sure.

  • I've ordered from HealthySupplies before, no complaints. Not 1kg though, sorry

  • Found a place that does large quantites.

    They even sell 25kg bags but are out of stock at the moment!

  • Anyone else on a Dr Esselstyn / Dr Greger type wholefood flex?

    i.e. no salt / no oil (also no refined sugars etc. although that's not so tricky for me cos I don't really have a sweet tooth at all..)

  • always leek instead of onion if we have them in. And we usually do.

    Fry for bit in olive or coconut oil. Add crumbled tofu.

    Always turmeric. One tsp at least.

    No milk or yeast or anything like that. Plenty of soy sauce added later while still on the hob.

    Served always with shit loads of black pepper and chilli's sauce.

  • I'm starting to get a bit fed up of fake meats. Apart from tofu, does anyone has any recommendations for 'meaty' (if that makes sense), protein rich components of a meal?

  • King Oyster mushrooms are great as a meat substitute. If you slice them lengthways into strips, really lightly slice a cross hatch type pattern into the surface of them (enough to score them but not cut them through) and fry them on a high heat until they're golden brown, then splash a bit of soy sauce on them and serve they're great. They have that meaty chewiness and taste banging.

  • Tempeh as well. Really good in curries, stir fries etc. I normally chop it into smallish cubes, chuck it in a really hot pan with a bit of oil to give it a slightly crispy outer and then add it to whatever you're cooking.
    It's also good used as a bacon alternative, slice it quite thinly, marinate it in sesame oil, smoked paprika and light soy sauce (you can just do this immediately before you cook it but it's best left overnight), fry it up and bang it in a sandwich with a bit of avocado and you're laughing.

  • Wait, I guess those were technically recipes, should I add a 5000 word biographical essay to the beginning? If anyone wants to know why I have a deep, emotional attachment to either big mushrooms or tempeh, slide into my DMs and I'll waffle on for long enough for you to just get fed up and order a takeaway.

  • Tempeh as well. Really good in curries, stir fries etc. I normally chop it into smallish cubes, chuck it in a really hot pan with a bit of oil to give it a slightly crispy outer and then add it to whatever you're cooking.

    Ah, that'll be why I've kept finding fried tempeh in my dishes, then.

  • Ha ha, I've definitely got thicker as lockdown has gone on. Grammar was never my strong point anyway.

  • get creative w/ nut butter maybe?

  • Red lentils!

    This ragu for example is super easy.

  • Lovely, cheers guys! Gotta give tempeh another go. Love red lentils too.

  • Tempeh's a bit of a funny one, it can have a bit of a weird sour taste. I find you either have to overwhelm it with stronger flavours or just use it for stuff that a sour flavour works well with.

  • Yes! I have some and really didn't like it for that reason. I didn't marinate it tho so will try again.

  • Not on it but have reduced all three, and we try to increase the amount of whole foods.

    I have mad respect for people following it, but esselstyns “not nuts” would be a bridge too far for me.
    I could see myself switch to a super clean diet later in life when I don’t have three kids in daycare. Right now it’s just survival mode and a wfpb’ish diet is the sweet spot between health, flavor and convenience.

  • it's great in a satay type situation with loads of lime, ginger, garlic, chilli, light soy sauce and peanut butter. I prefer the texture it when it's got a bit of a char on it as well so tend to blast it in the frying pan at full whack for a couple of minutes to start with.

  • Last 1 KG bag I ordered was by­utritional-yeast-flakes?_pos=1&_sid=be7f­6ed3d&_ss=r&variant=29437692097 and ordered off Amazon. Amazon currently out of stock, but their own website isn't.

  • Not sure how the fuck they did it but I'd steer clear of these:

    New one opened up near me and we noticed they had a vegan range. Got some tonight and apparently they think chicken is vegan.

    Their explanation was pathetic. Their apologies hollow. Still on the bright side at least I don't have any allergies because if I did I suspect the idiots might have managed to kill me.

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The Vegan Thread

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