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  • Oh yeah, I didn't believe any of it for a second.

  • I like this little nugget of info whenever people try and drop a ‘tOFu iZ bAd’ bomb on me.

    Around 70 percent of the world's soy is fed directly to livestock and only six percent of soy is turned into human food, which is mostly consumed in Asia. The rest of soy is turned into soybean oil.

    So almost all the soy is being grown as an efficient protein feed for fattening up factory farmed animals. And statistically most of the people who eat tofu are not vegan (like the whole ‘but vegans eat too many avocados’ trope). Stop trying to blame vegans for dumb shit!

  • I suspect some media outlets are trying to publish (directly or indirectly) anti-vegan articles because the papers are pretty much saturated with pro-vegan things.

  • It's all just click bait isn't it? Get non vegans to read an article that makes them feel snug, get vegans to read an article that annoys them. Can't imagine it matters to them what people think of their articles as long as they're reading them.

  • Can't imagine it matters to them what people think of their articles as long as people click through and they get ad revenue.


  • That's sort of what I meant!

  • Absolutely. It start's with the farmer's organisations pushing back against veganism with 'Febudairy' and the recent tofu thing and then gets amplified by the media as it's click bait.

  • Recommendations for a great rice cooker please!

  • This is probably not the answer you are looking for but I've found 1:1.5 rice to water combo simmered with the lid on for 10 mins makes perfect fluffy white rice rather than the 1:2 ratio people normally use. Brown rice however....

  • I have a breville one that was about £25 and works fine! Does enough rice for about 4 or 5 people and does enough rice for 1 person in about 10-15 minutes and keeps it warm if you misjudge your timings.

  • What recommendations do we have for affordable walking boots? The pair I got in autumn didn't even last the winter.

    Also, did we get anywhere on identifying brands of vegan jeans?

  • Any recommendations in west London for vegan food? I’m staying a hotel by Heathrow airport and thinking about taking the tube into London for food.

  • Sorry, I didn't see this earlier. I don't really know vegan places in West London, but I was trying to look for that raw (I think) place somewhere around Notting Hill that got amazing reviews for a while. I can't seem to find it now; it may have closed. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

    The standard recommendation is usually 222 in North End Road, but I haven't been there so can't endorse it. There's Manna in Primrose Hill, which I haven't been to, either, but which also enjoys a great reputation.

    Camden is very good, with loads of places, as, of course, is Hackney, but that's probably too far East for you (although Hackney Central is easily reachable on the Overground).

    Hope you found something if you went!

  • I’ve just asked Hiut denim about this yesterday, will report back.

  • If you're in Heathrow, you can just go to Southall and get amazing Indian food. Just need to check they don't use ghee - I find most Indian places have switched to vegetable oil, due to cost and fat content.

  • Never heard of them, but just did a search - at £250 for a pair of jeans, I would really hope they were made from something pretty fucking endangered.

    Selvedge is an investment. Ours is from Kuroki, the artisanal Japanese denim mill. Woven on a 1959 loom.

    Apparently this isn't a joke.

  • There's a thread for that.

  • Hipsters gonna hipster.

  • Does anyone know of a source for bulk buying nuts, cashew in particular

    Yes go to the fareshares co op in elephant / Walworth and they can order in bulk for you. They can get you anything from the wholesale supplier catalogues but you have to pay some markup. You can use the Suma one yourself to get the wholesale prices as an individual consumer but it has to be a minimum of £300 or something. We do an order once a year for stuff like 5 litres of shampoo, 100 litres of oat milk, six large tubs of almond butter, etc.

  • @Oliver Schick @kl

    Thanks for the recommendations. Ended up going to ByChloe at Oxford Street.

  • Depends what your definition of affordable is, but my pair of waterproof hiking boots from Wills Vegan Shoes have lasted several years and have survived the Pennine way, Coast to Coast and more mud and rain than I'd like to remember.

  • I’ve been using some Adidas Terrex with gore tex and Conti soles. Always been warm & dry, and have done a few miles in the Lake District. Beware Adidas sizes need to be 1/2 size bigger.­-mid-gtx-shoes/CM7500.html

  • I have the same pair. Really comfy but they're not really waterproof anymore. They have had about 2 years of pretty unreasonable abuse though.

  • Any recommendations for vegan friendly pubs / restaurants in Southwold?

  • Ah, I hadn't heard of that yet. (I think--I probably had and I'd forgotten about it again, but the fact that you can't keep up with vegan places nowadays is something I enjoy a lot.) An international chain, no less. How was it?

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The Vegan Thread

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