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  • Got the steak bake and glazed donuts for lunch yesterday. Donuts were banging!

    Steak bake burnt my mouth. The pastry was nice :)

  • Tried the steak bake this morning and loved it - admittedly, I was just out of the lido, so anything hot would have been fantastic. I reckon it would actually taste more 'meaty' if they replaced the quorn with chunks of mushroom. I made a mushroom bourguinon last night that tasted more meaty. Still, really enjoyed it.

    It was the last one in the shop, and the very chirpy Brazilian server was telling me they're flying off the shelves and he likes them way better than the meat version.

    @Oliver Schick - that's really sad to hear.

  • Holy shit I just cooked the Gado Gado and it's unreal! I reckon that might be the nicest thing I have ever cooked. My wife, who has never eaten tofu before, just devoured it. Thank you so much for sharing, I think I have a new favourite dish!

  • This looks good--a new vegan takeaway in a very central location:­gan-takeaway-in-covent-garden/

  • Ikea vegan hotdog is amazing, and the “sausage” is made from kale, quinoa, lentils and onion and is very very low fat so I would almost count it towards one on my 6 a day 😉🌭

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  • vegan forum ride to ikea it is.

  • Damn that looks so much better than the one I had. Did you bring the crispy onion and cabbage yourself ? 😆

  • Damn that looks like a turd in a bun.

  • Are they different in the UK?

  • I had the chocolate salted caramel cheesecake from Cafe Nero at lunch. £3.20, tiny, doesn't taste of much, wouldn't recommend.

  • I had that "Rebel Burger" the other day (was basically the only option to get something hot and filling at an airport while rushing to the gate so I said fuck it).
    It did not taste as if they grilled it on a grill where meat is grilled. Actually it tasted like pre-grilled before it even got to the restaurant and then just heated up in the microwave.
    Texture was super weird (but to be honest I can't remember the last time I ate some "fake" burger patty as I'm usually not interested in these kind of foods), it definitely tries to mimic minced meat or something, but to me it was just weird, quite "artificial" - actually was thinking to myself that I'd have preferred the strange goo-string texture of vital wheat gluten based burger things.
    Taste wise it wasn't shit but quite bland, did not understand why they don't put more smokey / peppery / garlicy spicyness in it.

    I felt a bit sick after eating it but to be fair I rushed the thing down.

    3/10 - do not recommend

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  • This is a lovely article:­opment/2020/jan/15/how-vegetarianism-is-­going-back-to-its-roots-in-africa

    Key quote:

    Many of its advocates, however, argue that veganism is not a new trend – it is simply a return to traditional African diets. “I particularly think it’s important to spread veganism around Africa because it originated in Africa,” says Nicola Kagoro, a chef working in South Africa and Zimbabwe. “Our ancestors didn’t eat as much meat. It is through colonisation that we learned these crazy meat-eating practices.”

    I also thought this was interesting:

    The continent is also at the forefront of some of the challenges veganism hopes to ease. Conditions such as heart disease and cancer have now overtaken infectious diseases such as cholera and measles to become the biggest drain on Africa’s economies, according to the World Health Organization.

  • Just had Waitrose own vegan pizza.
    It was definitely spicy.
    Better than the white rabbit pizza they also stock - larger, better base texture.

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  • Had the Greggs steak bake. Was ok, kinda what I remember a mince slice tasting like.
    5/10 but prob won’t have it again.

  • From fb:

    "Quite ironic that the big vegan push is in January when most veg is out of season in the uk. This is just a small selection of veg on the shelf in the co-op, which if you look on their Facebook page is really promoting and trying to cash in on the vegan diet. These three items have food miles in excess of 16,600.😱That’s not including the avocados from chile. How is this diet supposed to be more sustainable than eating grass fed beef?
    Don’t be stupid kids,eat British mince and tatties this January! 🇬🇧🥩 🐂"

    I'm glad people go Vegan regardless. However the original reason for going Vegan - the animals - seems to get lost sometimes in amongst the diet and climate aspects. Also makes it easier for people in the meat/diary industry to dismiss Veganism in the media.

  • However the original reason for going Vegan - the animals - seems to get lost sometimes in amongst the diet and climate aspects.

    Amen to that

  • However the animals likely do not care why exactly somebody goes vegan.

  • I tried the KFC vegan burger yesterday. At £4 I wouldn’t bother unless it was all you could get. It’s like a cheap southern fried Quorn pattie you could get in Iceland, vegan mayo and a small amount of lettuce. With all the salsas, hashbown patties etc they have, they could have done something much better imo.

  • That's a fair point. But I think diets and health and climate aspects are easier to ditch for people, than the feeling of participating in something pretty barbaric.

  • I think you're right.

    However the animals likely do not care why exactly somebody goes vegan.

  • Subway vegan cheese and meatball sub with is one of the better veganised 2020 offerings. Pretty much like what I remember the animal one being like. 9/10

  • Made this last night if anyone is looking for cooking inspiration. I would highly recommend if you like peanut butter­er-chicken/

  • That sounds banging! Might give it a go some time this week.

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The Vegan Thread

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