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  • Does anyone here have any feedback on the Chelsea Boots from Will's Vegan Shoes?

  • Narrow. So narrow I can't figure out how people can wear them. Otherwise seem ace.

  • Haha, ok, not for me then either
    : ]

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • So I visited my sister's cafe Cascara in Bath today. Seemed to be getting a good number of people though the door, offering a range of plant based milks at no extra cost on the base price of the drinks, cakes, some savoury stuff too but she has a pretty limited kitchen so only a small menu.
    I know she's my sister so I would say this but it's a really nice little cafe with plenty of seating over 3 floors, and cheaper than a lot of the other local coffee shops. Worth checking out if you're in the westcountry.

    Went there today for brunch. Sooo good! Particularly liked the chick pea and cheese toastie.

  • [Berlin]

    Had coffee at a nice litte vegan / vegetarian eatery called Soup Guerilla the other day.
    Coffee was really good, staff was polite and kind, and the place smelled really amazing.
    They do do bowls, soups and salads.
    Nice place, do recommend if you're in the (Schlesisches Tor / Arena) area.

    Thinking of it - don't recall mentioning it here before despite going there for years -
    on the same street (around the corner of Falckensteinstr.) there's Zazza, looks like a small bakery shop from the outside but they do have amazing vegan / vegetarian food as well ("mediterranean" style bowls mostly, also a lot of sandwhiches and sweet stuff like brownies, oh and really good (locally roasted) coffee as well).

  • I searched this thread and found Bulk Powders as the best place for vegan protein. Does anyone on here want to refer me and claim £10.­nd

    PM me and I'll send over my email..

  • I would suggest Vive >> Bulk powders
    Because they don't add sweeteners and the protein powder tastes good.
    And is legitimately one of the better set of 'macros' from the protein.
    This is from quite a lot of trial and error.

    I'm also a fan of Amazing Grass for flavor, but is proper costly and has sweeteners.

  • I've got a 1kg bag of coffee and walnut flavour vegan protein blend from I've had one scoop out of it and I found it truly horrible.
    The reviews on their website were mixed so I took a chance.
    I hate throwing food away so if anyone here wants it for whatever it costs me to post it then it's all yours.

  • walnut flavour vegan protein blend (...) truly horrible

  • I'll have that. Suffered through the chocolate blend so I'm a conditioned. Will pm.

  • Glad you liked it, I'll pass on your compliments. Did you tell her you knew me?

  • I made the switch last week. Been veggie for a few years and been thinking for a while I should go full plant-based and just thought if not now, then when?

    Went to a cafe for lunch on Saturday... nothing vegan at all. Ate the snacks we had for the kids as my lunch :)

    Also learned over the weekend that National Trust places do soya milk hot chocolate. It's not amazing but it's something.

  • Excellent. Keep us updated on how it goes!

  • Keep it up, and remember that it’s ok to do the switch gradually, and by far easier. If you fall in don’t give up, just get back to it.
    You can do this

  • ^ protip.

  • There's been a vegan sausage roll recipe (not Gregg's) knocking round this thread for a couple of years. I always lose the recipe. Link anyone?

  • Make these, I've made them 10 times, they're incredible.

    I sub out half the vital wheat gluten for gram (chickpea) flour to avoid the gluten smell/taste, the texture is just as good. Also add a good tablespoon of cider/wine vinegar to the mix at the end again to counteract the gluten smell/taste, you won't taste the vinegar.

    For the quantity of mix in this recipe I use 3 packs of ready-rolled tesco/coop own brand puff pastry.

  • Amazing load of other recipes in there, thanks for the tip off

  • More than welcome, it's a lovely site.

  • First up this weekend- knishes

  • Reading through this thread one gets the impression that 80% of vegans live on sausage rolls
    : ]

  • In unrelated news I just finished a Greggs sausage roll.


  • Attaboi!

  • *grl

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The Vegan Thread

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