The Vegan Thread

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  • Dude, why do you have spotters avatar? I thought he had gone vegan

  • This was me, and it took me about two weeks to get over myself and start drinking black coffee.

    Cashew milk is your friend for oat-based breakfasts. I buy Plenish because I'm a baller and get my supplements elsewhere.

    Wait till you start asking yourself if nut milk is too expensive or cow's milk is too cheap. I think even a lot of dairy farmers would say the latter.

  • Nut milk.

  • Nut milk.

    How much do you charge?

  • Try the Oatly barista. It tastes like milk and has the same mouth feel. I get it in when I have guests coming I don't bother telling them none have noticed it's not cow milk.

  • I've forwarded this to my supplier and will see what they say. What about UHT-type non-milk milk - is that a thing?

  • Most of them last ages before opening.

  • How is someone who doesn't like cooking and doesn't have time to fuck about with cooking supposed to create a healthy vegan diet?

    What I've started doing is to fling a load of pre-chopped veg/beans/chopped tomatoes/etc. in a slow cooker in the morning and it's ready when I get home. Then I have it for lunch the next day. Do that a few times a week. At most I have to wait for some rice to boil.

  • Or 4. Veganise Polish food. There are apparently some excellent cafés and restaurants in Warsaw doing just that.

  • I wouldn't say jackfruit is a gimmick. From a protein 'replacement' point of view it may be, but protein really isn't a problem for vegans. I like jackfruit and have made various things with it. People like Biff's Jack Shack make very good burgers using jackfruit.

  • Did I do the right thing? (Let’s ignore the fact they’re classed as vermin and do untold damage to young trees)

    I don't think in your role you could have done anything better. My brother found a baby squirrel in the garden a few years ago and it was taken in by the local animal shelter, who are apparently used to nursing orphaned squirrelets to maturity. This was in Germany and the squirrel in question was a red squirrel. I don't know if animal shelters in this country do the same thing. Some might do, but in any case it would be a lot of time (that you undoubtedly can't take out of your working day) to take it there.

    I don't know how squirrel parents behave when their young fall out of the nest. If they just abandon them, your workmates are probably right, but if there's nowhere to take them, there's nothing you can do in any case. We can't rescue all wild animals, we can only seek to minimise the harm we do to them. Otherwise, nature will continue to take its course, red in tooth and claw.

  • Like @snottyotter says most last ages.
    Get the ones not sold in the refrigerated section. I just checked the use by date on some Oatly I've got here and it's not until September 2020.

  • Dude, why do you have spotters avatar?

    Dude, it's a silly wink / nod / inside joke kind of thing.

  • Anyone got a Morrison’s near them? GF found some pasties today and thought I’d give em a bash... very nice, reminded me ( from what I can remember) of a proper Cornish pasty, not loads of filling, but what was there was tasty. £3 for two I think.

  • Ahh thats why.. inside jokes don’t work very well publicly :)

  • B12 spray is excellent. and yeh you dont need alot. a spray a day.. done. tastes alot better than a pill and levels are normal. keep it in the fridge.. next to beer.. easily grabable.

  • Yeah, they're top.

  • Been making a bit of cashew soft cheese recently and really liking it, also been enjoying the cheddarness of marmite and houmous so decided to wizz up a batch of cashew cheese with marmite and tahini in. Not chilled it yet but initial taste tests make me think I've made a really tasty soft cheddar spread, looking forward to slightly drunk midnight crumpets later.

  • slightly drunk midnight crumpets sound dreamy.

  • Hungover to fuck morning crumpets are bang on.

  • I've always thought of snottyotter as a bit of a drunk midnight crumpet.

  • I've just spent the weekend in Norwich, which as it turns out is some kind of vegan utopia.

  • I always think of snottyotter wearing a topper and smoking with a cigarette holder
    (still misreading the name as "snobby otter")

    : ]

  • I can be anything you want me to be.

  • Norwich


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The Vegan Thread

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