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  • Assuming you're not including protein powders? I'm sure you could get better protein/weight with a pea protein powder or something but if you're after real food then..­/the-10-best-vegan-protein-sources/

  • Yes, I mean in terms of normal foods.

    The units on that website, WTF:

    Tempeh: 17 g protein per 1/2 cup

    Shelled edamame: 9 g protein per 1/2 cup

    Tofu: 9 g protein per 3 ounces

    Soymilk: 7 g protein per 1 cup

  • Yeah, I wasn't pointing out specifics, just more protein options.

    US measurements >>>

  • I think the main problem is I've never really done this kind of intense training before, so I don't really know what I'm doing 😅
    @hippy at first I was feeling kind of hungover, so I assumed dehydration. So I've tried to make sure I'm fully hydrated during the day before, electrolytes during, and plenty of liquids the next day my which seems better. I'm eating oats in my smoothie after, not sure what form of carbs is needed. Now it's more muscle fatigue, and feeling like I've been through a ringer 😅 I thought it would get better as I got more used to the intensity, but I think it's worse, I'm probably pushing harder 😂

    I'm getting roughly 80-90g a day I reckon, I do eat nuts fairly regularly too. I was recommended 2g/kg body weight, so I'm looking at around 180 at least??!

    Sleep is a factor too, but I can't change when training is so I've just gotta deal with a sub optimal amount of sleep after 😆

  • What are the best ways to get more? A specific B vit supplement? I don't really eat much fortified stuff I don't think. Oat milk sometimes.

  • I'm probably pushing harder

    Yea, do you reckon you might be just doing quite a lot right now and your body is just not used to it yet?

  • 80-90g per day is more than enough, protein isn't your problem.

  • That's my understanding too, I think only bodybuilders need to be anywhere near 2g/kg.

    Very well-sourced article below seems to agree­1glb-optimal-protein-intake-for-bodybuil­ders/

  • 2g/kg is high. That's strength athlete levels or amounts you might take in when calorie restricting for fat loss (to prevent muscle loss). I don't get that amount and I'm so strong I crush cars with my glutes.

    If the movements are new to you, you will get DOMS. This will lessen as your muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc. all adjust to your new movement patterns.

    Sounds like you're doing alright, you just need to give it time. More sleep improves recovery so the more you can do to stay in bed the better you will recover. Also depends what you do outside of the sport - if you're on your feet all day for example vs. sitting down at a desk?

  • Thanks for all the info folks! I do stand up all day at work too, so that doesn't help. I've been skating / playing for a year now, and training with these guys for a few months. I had a period where I thought I'd gotten used to the stance/basics and it was less tiring, but now I'm back to feeling exhausted 😂 I don't think it helps that they are all loads faster/better than me so I'm always chasing and pushing hard! The best way to get improve, but want to make sure I'm giving my body the tools to cope!

  • I agree with all the above comments on protein intake, and it does sound like you’ve been suffering from DOMS. There are other ways of improving your performance on a plant based diet, more antioxidants, cherries after training, beets before etc etc.
    Check out for more info.

  • Something on vegan cheese in the US. Shame the article doesn't make any reference to the burgeoning UK scene:­y/15/vegan-cheese-change-diets

    Owing to the larger market, it already seems to be on a larger scale in the US.

  • I was in Waitrose in Ipswich yesterday, because reasons. They were doing freebies of Violife's new cheese and a vegan pate - on sourdough bread containing milk. This Britain.

  • Scunny
    80-90g per day is more than enough, protein isn't your problem.

    +1. More likely deficient in something else or you just need more rest.
    I take protein powder most days straight after cycling but it's easy to tell (smell) if I'm getting too much!!

  • not sourdough if it has milk - that's a abomonation. Should only contain flour, salt and water.

  • Maybe it wasn't sourdough - but I asked if the bread was vegan, they said no.

  • Sorry I was being a jerk and expressing my bread snobbery to supermarkets who jumped on the sourdough bandwagon! Either way it's a shite thing to do. The amount of times we go somewhere and ask if something is vegan, be told it is, and then find butter or some non-vegan sauce slathered all over it!

  • Sorry I was being a jerk and expressing my bread snobbery

    You're right though. Milk has no place in sourdough.

  • expressing my bread snobbery are aware we have a thread for this right?

    : ]­82/

  • @hippy What do you use to track your levels? I've just looked at this which looks good but wondered what others use

  • Sorry I was being a jerk and expressing my bread snobbery

    Not at all - I'm just a bit ignorant on bread, other than you have to check the ingredients on posh stuff...

  • Enriched dough usually has milk or eggs, but there's no way sourdough should.

    I say that, but recently discovered my local baker had a vegan dough mix for hot cross buns.

  • An article on the Quorn factory and the fact that they make the filling for the Greggs sausage rolls.­9/may/17/how-quorn-makes-the-filling-for­-greggs-vegan-sausage-rolls

    At peak capacity each of the three fermenters – 40-metre towers – creates up to 60 tonnes of mycoprotein a day. Further factory expansion and a fourth fermenter at Billingham – part of a £150m investment – will double production capacity of the company’s core products, adding approximately 20,000 tonnes of mycoprotein a year.

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The Vegan Thread

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