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  • This is really exciting news.

  • Came here to post about Gregg's vegan sausage roll, I too am excited about this news.. That;s dirty lunch tomorrow sorted.

  • Pound Bakery does 2 vegan sausage rolls for £1. The Greggs one had better be twice as big or twice as good. Don't know if PB is just a northern thing though.

  • These look great. what did you use instead of dashi?

  • Yeah, no PB in London.. sadface.

  • Ha ha, that's exactly what I'm trying to get away from!

    In my defense I really had not eaten that in months.

    To give a serious answer to your question (I think I'm repeating myself in this thread, but whatever) - vegetables and rice!!
    Check out all these different kinds of rice there are and buy the organic stuff, it's really worth it.
    And learn to cook rice properly. It really isn't rocket science but just a matter of rice/water ratios and lid on/off stuff.

    Buy good produce, seasonal and regional, and organic if you can.
    Just see what flavours you like and try different kinds of preparation - mediteranean, asian, whatever.
    Get some nice herbs, grow some on your windowsill and enjoy.
    Remember ther's whoe culture living off rice and vegs basically.
    Posibillities are endless and it's healthy as fuck!

  • idiot-proof guide to cook white basmati rice:

    1 cup rice
    2 cups water
    bit of salt
    bit of oil

    put rice, water and salt in a pot and put heat on high. no lid.
    once boiling reduce heat to medium (keep it at a steady little boil).
    when rice is not covered by water any more add a bit of oil, stir, cover with tight fitting lid, and turn heat to smallest setting you have.
    wait a couple minutes.
    fluff up rice with a fork and enjoy.

  • How about sushi rice


  • I do not do sushi, but here's a guide on how to actually cook perfect sushi rice, without a rice cooker:­-actually-cook-perfect-rice-without-a-ri­ce-cooker/

  • Didn't know about this! thank you.

  • Finally London is catching up with Northwich in terms of sausage roll accessibility.

  • Excellent

    let’s set the record straight, once and for all… don’t you ever, ever, and i mean never ever, boil your sushi rice

  • I have a feeling we probably eat quite similarly! Most of my meals are some sort of vegetable/rice thing. I have a rice cooker and it's amazing. There's an amazing market with loads of fresh, local, seasonal vegetables here in Leeds that I should definitely use more.

  • @snottyotter has the cutlery the correct way, and no one can convince me otherwise. Somehow I picked that up as a kid and my mum still has no idea why/how.

  • I also hold my fork in my right hand, always have, no idea why, I'm right-handed. My Dad still refuses to lay my cutlery this way if I eat at my parent's house. My wife also uses cutlery this way round!

  • I have a rice cooker

    I think I maybe should get one.
    Do you have recommendations?

  • I actually use the cutlery the "normal" way round, and the weird little presents are obviously crackers.

  • So what you're saying is your other half struggles with setting the table but gives great presents?

  • I have one called an SQ Professional (because it was the cheapest one I could find) and it works well! I have no idea if a pricier one would work any better, I can't imagine how.

  • For vegan Japanese cooking I recommend "Japanese Cooking - Contemporary & Traditional: Simple, Delicious, and Vegan" by Miyoko Nishimoto Schinner.

  • Crispy chilli beef seitan

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  • That looks great. Recipe?

  • Buddha bowls!

    A bit of Rice/quinoa/boiled grains, some roasted veggies, some beans/tofu/humus, some raw veggies, some kale/spinach, half an avocado, some nuts/seeds, a few slices of chili/ginger/turmeric, a slice of lemon/lime and tahini/soy/schiracha dressing.
    It’s so good 🤤

    First google picture for inspiration
    Edit: and a good link that describes it better than me­dha-bowl-three-ways/

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  • ^

    these are great for taking with you in some tupperware (what do they call that now, "home prep" or something? I heard it's a trend) have some proper lunch instead of fucking falafel for the hundredst time - also you gonna make everybody around you really jealous!

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The Vegan Thread

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