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  • Asian markets usually sell it in a tin. You want jackfruit in brine, not in syrup, if you are using it for BBQ 'pork'.

  • Ta very much

    We had Nanban's kentucky fried Jackfruit yesterday and would very much like to emulate it at home.

  • Ahh I got some nice jackfruit in one of the stalls in Chinatown once.

    Oriental supermarket is a good bet. Think it's native to South East asia?

  • If you are South East and in need of breakfast - blue brick cafe East dulwich. Amazing toast and coffee. Good price as well

  • In Lisbon and we're seeing a surprising number of vegan (and veggie) options! Off to a Jardim das Cerejas for veggievegan buffet tonight

  • Nice. Report back plezz

  • Bloody hell! You could have warned me...! Whilst I've eaten seitan out of a packet I'd never made it before. It was a bit of a surprise. Firstly kneading it was like having a fight with Stretch Armstrong - how strong is this stuff? I really didn't expect that- I ended up cutting it with a knife as ripping it wasn't very controlled. Secondly you do say it expands but for the uninitiated it more than doubles in size which was a bit or a surprise. It made for a really hefty portion (I've had to put the rest in the fridge and I'll do a second batch even though I used a little over half the amount of flour).

    Overall thought it was really interesting and thanks for posting the recipe. There's nothing better than having tried and tested recipes like this. I really liked the taste and the coating reminded me of the nice quorn vegan burger things they make (which I like). The only thing I'm not sure I got right is the texture. Mine was really rubbery. It seemed different to the prepared seitan I've eaten. Any tips? Am I doing something wrong? Was that down to over kneading perhaps?

    Also where can you get vital wheat gluten for cheap? It's so bloody expensive!

  • Also where can you get vital wheat gluten for cheap? It's so bloody expensive!

    ..over here (Berlin) they even have it in some discounter-supermarkets now, for cheap.

    Some years ago it was only available at organic food stores (pretty pricey), but then I found an online shop where you could get it cheap, at least if you bought larger quantities.
    Suppose there's something like this in the UK as well?

  • Agreed, it is bloody expensive, I think using just gluten flour will give you the same results... I know the Red Mill flour is like £8 a pack... try Whole Foods or a local health shop... saying that, Whole Foods is where I saw the Red Mill flour!

  • I could only find it 'locally' in Whole Foods. I now see it's cheaper online - I'll do that next time perhaps. That said even at £7.99 for the bag I do think I'm going to get a lot of meals out of it (but I may be saying that to guard against the shock of spending money).

  • Isn't 'normal' wheat flour about 14% protein?

    I seem to remember making 'gluten' back in secondary school from normal flour,
    mix with water to form a dough,
    then rinsing it under a gentle flow of water from a tap to wash away (all?) the starch.

  • Reminds me of­hsw

    : ]

    focking vegan wankers

  • Yeh. Many lelz. Theres a part two..­-hE

  • Haha, what a fuckin knuckledragger

  • Went to Mexican Monday: A Vegan TexMex Fiesta at the Royal Sovereign in Clapton last night. Best vegan flavours I've had for a long time, let down by cold-ish food on cold plates and waiting forever. Would go again though as it's only the first one run by the organiser.

  • Portuveegz report so far:

    Jardim das Cerejas: Excellent value buffet - delicious soup, decent salad selection and good homely mains. Highlights were some little cake things reminiscent of tortilla, a mild curry and a black bean stew with aubergines. Filled up fast so clearly a popular spot

    Tao: Kate got a takeaway lunch and sent me a pic of a massive box of foods she got for like 5 eur so I guess it was good

    Everest Montahna: Well reviewed Nepalese restaurant, bahjis were delish but not terribly impressed with the curry we had and a very wet'n'salty dahl. Possibly just bad luck. Free mango lassi something or other at the end was yum.

    Café do Rio: Bunless burgers. Starter of sautéed mushrooms was incredible and I enjoyed my very non-vegan burger, but the white bean and mushroom burger was pretty bland and the guacamole was a major coriander overdose. They did have another vegan option which sounded nicer imo.

    Paladarium: Lovely little restaurant tucked away by a supermarket serving traditional portugueseymetiderraniantapas stuff. Lots of veggie on the menu and the proprietor was happy to make vegan adjustments and suggestions. Great wine selection too.

    Also in general there's a lot of vegan products available and a good scattering of Brio "bio" supermarkets, but it's pretty pricey even by brit standards and peanut butter is almost impossible to find and at least 3-5eur a jar

  • I went to this place in Bristol today.
    Five of us for lunch, all ate really well. The spicy burger was particularly good.

  • Nice report thanks man. 5 euro for a jar of PB. No thanks

  • What's people's experiences if Bristol for food In general? Never been as a vegan..

  • Vx Bristol is great! Been twice now, best vegan cheese filled meals I've ever had!

  • We're going to Hackney tomorrow for a junk food crawl - any recommendations?

  • Pizza at Voodoo Rays or Fed by water in Dalston (Fed do fake meat)

    Take your chances early with the queue outside Temple of Hackney on Morning Lane in Hackney Central for fried chickn.

    Burgers and lots of other stuff at Black Cat cafe (Again Hackney Central).

  • That's awesome, thanks - I am getting FAT tomorrow...

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The Vegan Thread

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