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  • new page fail. moving to berlin in march. finally got conf of masters place. i am excite.

  • Good luck, it's a great place to be!

  • Delores or something?

    Walked by a lot of times, but never ate there - thanks for the recommendation!

  • it's a great place to be! summer, yes.

  • When I was there they had like 2 vegan burritos, one with peanut sauce, go for that one!

  • Yep, agreed, it was cold and wet when I was there, still loved the place though

  • Does anyone have some useful links / tips concearning vegan food for people who work out a lot?

    Not going to the gym and aiming to be a body builder, but been working out more and more lately to help with the back and some other issues, trying to improve muscles in the right places mainly - wondering what vegan food would help the case..

    I know there's tons of info on the net about this but I get lost, so thought I'd ask here..

  • I went with Mrs Hammer and her non-vegan parents on Saturday, thumbs up all round.

  • Made some absolutely kick ass Fried chicken seitan tonight. Last of the flour bag too. Really got the recipe down now. So good

  • Really got the recipe down now.

    Care to share?

  • If you want to go down the protein powder route I found My Protein very good but whatever you do, don't do what I did last time and go for Bulk Powders cause they're cheaper... the stuff was hard to mix and clogged me up something terrible... and tasted shite just to add to the pleasure.

  • Originally I copied the recipe from this video­K80&t=108s

    but found that using yeast resulted in a very light dough which puffed up hugely in the fryer - although it did go back down once out, the texture wasn't really meaty enough for me, so second attempt I omitted the yeast

    basic recipe for the seitan

    for Seitan:
    340 gram/1 cup of Vital wheat gluten flour
    1 tablespoon Marigold Engervita yeast flakes
    seasoning (I used two teaspoons cajun seasoning, a really good helping of black pepper from a mill, and a pinch of salt)

    for fried coating:
    bowl of plain flour big enough to coat cooked pieces in
    seasoning to taste - salt and loads of black pepper - season-all - cajun seasoning - all the seasoning basically!!
    buttermilk or vegan alternative for 'washing' pieces in before coating

    add approx 1 cup/236 Ml water (with one tablespoon liquid aminos or dark soy sauce added to the water) to the flour mix slowly and mix in until dough begins to form, keeping an eye on water as you add it - you might not need it all

    once you've got your dough knead it for a good three mins - most Seitan recipes say you shouldn't over knead, but I find if you do it results in firmer texture

    break it up into roughly 4-6 pieces depending on how big you want your chicken burgers - or could do several pieces in filet/strip style if preferred

    I experimented with same batch, different cooking methods - one I steamed in tightly wrapped kitchen foil for 30 mins - one I just put into boiling broth (litre of water with two large tablespoons of Marigold Swiss Vegetable Bouillon powder) and once in, simmered for approx 30 mins. At first these two burgers swelled instantly and became very 'brains' like in look, although once breaded and deep fried, both methods produced almost identical taste and texture

    once out of steamer/simmering water wash in milk and coat liberally in flour mix and deep fry in rapeseed oil for 2 mins ish or until golden brown - drain on kitchen paper

  • Hey, thanks a lot.
    That video is so nice, I like her..

    Also thanks for your additional thoughts, appreciate it.

    Actually I'm not that big on fried food, but had an appetite for it lately, and will definitely try this out soon!

  • Sounds good. I'm game. Or maybe we should all go down to @EB 's

  • Thank you for the feedback but I'm positive I don't want any powders.

    Is protein really the single / major issue?
    I know it's important, though got the impression that it's bit of a hyped 'problem' - there's quite a lot of natural (vegan) sources for protein, right - vegetables /legumes, soy / seitan / TVP, nuts, etc.. ?

  • It's not as much of a science as people make out - just eat more to replace all you're burning, and don't eat silly, you'll go fine.

  • Drink some water too #seriousscience

  • And sleep more for gains. #armchairscience

  • Cheers, will do!

    : ]

  • New vegan pistachio, chocolate and cherry cupcake at Lola's is incredible

  • Ouhhhhh I see a friday treat a coming :)

  • Vegans! Where can I get Jackfruit from?

  • This might not help you much, but here in Berlin the little asian supermarkets sell it.

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The Vegan Thread

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