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  • The Terra Nova B complex does have B12 in it, not sure why that website doesn't list it.

    See here -­plex-with-vitamin-c.aspx

  • It's a lovely chart. There does seem to be a trend with vegans and B12 coming from processed fortified foods.

    Does anyone here avoid the them and opt for a supplement instead?

    Yep. H&B's B12 5000mcg is fine. get a blood test to check levels. On a side note, if you're levels are low, you can get B12 on prescription but its cheaper from H&B.

  • I think I’ll be making a powerpoint presentation (nerdlyf) to pool my various strata of knowledge about vegan cuisine from a few years working in food. Would anyone be interested in seeing it when I do? If so I can send it to you.

    yeah I would!

  • ^I would too. can you upload it somwhere and post the link here?

  • Yes, that would be nice!

  • In!

    Mestizo Mexican restaurant
    6pm Saturday 2014-03-22

    1. itsbruce
    2. lucyh
    3. seven04?
    4. cazakstan?
    5. Clockwork_killa

    Unless there's a sudden rush, I will ring them tonight to book a table for 6.

  • Booked for 6 at 6. I will be there a little early (they have a nice bar).

  • I'd like to join in too. Can you add another seat?

  • Caz, are you coming, with +1?

  • Reckon I'm out, sorry guys, the other half has other plans for us tomorrow!

  • Ah, well. Don't have to change the booking, then.

  • Ha, every cloud, I look forward to your reviews the place sounds ace.

  • i'm really sorry but i'm going to have to bail too! too many plans :( would like to go again or tatreez soon though

  • Ah, this brings the booking down to 3. Kat, CK, still up for it and should I try moving it a little later since 6pm was entirely for the St Pauls crew's benefit?

  • Recommendations for vegan hiking boots, anyone
    (and other vegan shoes and boots as well, while we're at it) ?

  • Later is fine with me. Looking forward to it.

  • Can't move it anyway - they are pretty busy :)

  • It has just occurred to me that having not met either of you (at least I don't think I have), how will I know who you are?

  • That's hilarious. You could yell. Baring that look for a woman in stripes with glasses.

  • Haha, well it was somewhat silly of me not to think of it until now.
    If you see a skinny guy dressed in black looking somewhat lost that's probably me.

  • Good food and company!

    I'm inspired to cook in great hunks of granite from now on.

    Thanks for organising Bruce. Nice to meet you Jamie.

  • I too would like to thank whoever organised me.

  • Are you able to get request a blood test from your GP?

    depending on how nice your GP is...or just tell them you feel weak because of this diet your on and you want to get checked out. Make sure you ask for B12 specifically as it might not be part of the standard blood test. Also worth keeping a print out if you do them regularly (i.e. once a year) to track what diet tweaks help/hinder.

    Long term vegan supplement wise, if you're interested, I would focus on B12 (500mcg daily) and Vitamin D during winter months or even summer months (this is England after all..)

    Others not so regular- Iodine once a week and Omega 3 (1 or 2 tbsp daily from ground flax or chia seeds) if you're worried about healthy fats. However both of these I think are questionable.

    Excellent resource:

  • I take a daily multivitamin, B vitamin compound, B1 (Thiamine) separately, and calcium. Women should be aware of their iron levels, especially if vegan. Definitely makes a difference.

    ^RVH - Do you really need to consciously counter your Omega 6 levels?

  • Good food and company!

    I'm inspired to cook in great hunks of granite from now on.

    Thanks for organising Bruce. Nice to meet you Jamie.

    I too would like to thank whoever organised me.

    Was lovely meeting you both, really enjoyed the food too. Thanks for making this happen Bruce.

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The Vegan Thread

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