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  • Does anyone have a good tried-and-tested falafel recipe? So many come up on a Google search it's difficult to pick...

  • Just use shitloads of sesame/tahini and loads of fresh coriander and you can't go wrong!
    I'm in Berlin for a couple of days, there's so much good vegan food here! When we got here last night we went to a place called Yo Yos and I had an amazing chicken schnitzel thing and my friend had a pizza with soya cheese which was awesome as well, it was only about €4 as well! Leaves me more money to buy records.....

  • Berlin is incredible! I had the best pizza I've had since going vegan today and probably the busy Burrito I've ever had, all for ridiculously cheap.

  • Berlin is incredible! I had the best pizza I've had since going vegan today and probably the busy Burrito I've ever had, all for ridiculously cheap.

    Yes, but if you only went vegan today, that's not too surprising, eh? :)

    (I know you've been vegan for longer.)

  • 2 and a half years now! It was just a well good pizza, ha ha.

  • care to tell where?

  • Cheers.
    Not far from this there's also "Vöner", who offer a vegan "Döner Kebab", among other things.
    May not be the best vegan place in Berlin, but worth to check out!

  • Anyone going? Nick isn't now.

    Vegan beer festival
    Saturday, July 13, 2013
    1:00 PM
    The Gallery Cafe
    The Gallery Cafe, 21 Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green, London
    E2 9PL.­/124952032/
    Let's DO THIS.

  • Recommend a Vegan restaurant near cannon street anyone?

  • Looking for a vegan/veggie stall for the London Open bike polo tournament this year, emailed Pogo and they seemed positive but no response now. Any other ideas just in case they can't do it??

  • call rather than email might be better.

  • The Beer Festival, by the way, was great. Lots of local brewers like Redchurch Brewery, Five Points, or Brüpond. A very well-organised event in the lovely garden of St Margaret's House in blazing sunshine.

  • Veggies Catering is a Vegan run cooperative and are awesome!‎ They're based in Nottingham at the Sumac centre but they will travel to events.

  • Yup, Veggies are great.

  • ... and London Vegan Drinks is now in Wholefoods Kensington:­foods-london-vegan-drinks/

    I never made it to the King's Cross venue, which apparently didn't work too well, and I now have something regular on Thursdays which will probably keep me from attending this one much.

  • OK, how do I get fat quick on a vegan diet? I've got a Channel swim in a few weeks and would benefit from putting on a few pounds - something I could never manage as a vegetarian, being cursed with a naturally svelte physique.

    Apart from spending a few weeks on chips and beer (not necessarily an unpalatable option), what would you be stuffing yourself with if you needed to get chubby?

  • Fatty things? Eat a lot of marge, use a lot of oil for cooking, etc.?

    NB I don't know anything much about nutrition.

  • ^^alot of what vegans usually eat...processed soy, gluten and refined sugar products.

  • Just go for volume. Unless you have very unhealthy eating patterns of a proper sedentary fatty who can sit on their arse chugging coca cola all day it is likely that eating sweet things probably satiates you and stops you from eating more.

    For a active person with healthyish food habits, eating stuff with simple sugars or mainly carbs can be an excellent way to lose weight because these foods "spoil your appetite" and can end up giving you a low calorie total.

    Also going for a short period of cramming simple sugar and little else would not be great for your health.

    I would recommend increasing everything and making sure each item is as calorie dense as you can make it. If you consume dairy, it has the perfect balance of carbs/fat/protein. If you do not, coconut milk is an excellent source of calories. Drink a can every day, makes excellent hot chocolate. Add some to food too if you like.

    Increase quantities of oil, eat plenty of potatoes, chick peas etc..

    Try to hit every angle, if you can do it, do it. Cumulative gains! Dont let one food cancel another out, have both.

  • Pasta! Pizza and Lasagna, all those delicious Italian carbs ;)

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The Vegan Thread

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