The Vegan Thread

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  • On tour right? Pretty much lived on bags of rolls with paprika crisps, gherkins and ketchup when on tour in Germany, didn't really have time to go into town. Might be better asking the promoters? Happy Cow brings up a few places but that can be a bit out of date.

  • I'm driving my friend's band to a festival they're playing. I'm doing all the driving myself, all 20 odd hours of it! I'll probably end up taking my own supply of hummus to be on the safe side.

  • Also every supermarket has Cauldron marinated tofu pieces, and look out for little tins of sandwich spread / paté - can't remember the brand but loads of them are vegan, mushroom ones, spicy tomato ones...

  • eat fruit maybe? (lots of it) or theres always chips...

  • eat fruit maybe? (lots of it) or theres always chips...

    Following on from that ^ if you are going there soonish then I'd suggest eating nothing but white asparagus. Near by (Bruchsal) is the white aspaargus capital of the world (so they tell me) and it's brillaint. Only possible downside is that some places will serve it with breadcrumbs fried in butter but you can ask for it without that. The upside is that it doesn't cost north of £10 per kg either.

  • Yes, houmous isn't found in most supermarkets yet, strangely. +1 to asparagus (Spargel). When it's fresh and well-cooked (no more than a few hours from field to plate), it's a delicacy. You just need to find somewhere where they don't do it in butter, but I don't suppose it would be difficult to ask a restaurant to substitute oil. If you have the facilities and ability, you can of course prepare it yourself.

  • Going to have to pull out of the ride tomorrow, me and the mrs are both a bit under the weather.
    Would anyone care to postpone til next weekend or the weekend after? Id be happy to make an official thread and try to organise this properly if thats the case.

  • Ah, shame. The weather would have been lovely. I'd still be up for it, but would just as happily wait.

  • I think this is where the list ended:

    21st April then.

    So, a list of names can begin:

    1. nickvonfiction
    2. Clockwork_killa (+ Mrs)
    3. lucyh
    4. Oliver Schick
  • (We really need separate threads for events.)

  • I say do tomorrow anyway and then do it again!
    Im still up for it.
    Away next weekend unfortunately

  • OK, so where and when? :)

    We're riding to Village Pizza, right?

  • I thought it was gallery cafe + pootle but I'm easy. Pizza good too.

  • Village pizza don't have anywhere to eat so we'd have to order it and sit in the park, otherwise gallery cafe BUT they are kinda hit and miss whether they will cook pizza :) ps xtomorx and I are coming too, but not riding as he's on crutches :(

  • Gallery caff, then. When? Lunchtime? Or earlier?

  • Works for me.

  • Ok. It is ON.

  • Were not really up to riding but could definitely do a spot of pizza at gallery cafe. Will see you good folks tomorrow.

  • will come along for this - remember the marathon road closures everyone!

  • Awesome, we shall see you all 1pm! We'll be the ones with the tattoos and crutches :)

  • Yay joe!

  • I will be a bit late but see you tomorrow!

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The Vegan Thread

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