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  • Just had a great meal at Tendril, just off Regent Street. Even my meat obsessed step dad loved it, despite being an entirely vegan menu(I think it's 100% vegan for January and mostly vegan normally). Very spenny but worth it for a special occasion. Cheaper and nicer than Omni which is my only other point of reference for posh vegan food in London. I even fucked up dry January with a banging mezcal negroni. No regrets.

  • even fucked up dry January

    Is a looooong month so good on you :)

  • Was really hungry, but Subway's teriyaki fake meat is excellent. Texture, chewiness and flavour.

  • 'I think the vegan food is quite nice – I enjoy it. Chips are vegan, I didn’t know that.'

    Great quote from Big Dunc Ferguson in the Graun.

  • Can anyone recommend a place in Peckham/Deptford/New Cross that is coeliac suitable and doesn't require booking?

  • Bump for the Thursday crowd... Still looking and need a suitable spot for lunch on Saturday

  • I had to sodding write about this for Plant Based News. I actually had to physically stop myself from including this idiotic quote!

  • Any suggestions for somewhere quick and easy for lunch around Southbank?

  • Last time I was there, there were a load of street food stalls behind the Tate. Ate some wonderful Ethiopian food.

  • Good call! Thanks.

  • Mc & Sons vegan Thai option. Get served food immediately through a hatch, cheap, quick and can have one of the best Guinnesses in London at the same time.

  • Guys! Big news! Apparently Therese Coffey is not a vegan! Huge if true etc and so on...­3/feb/16/meat-theresa-coffey-us-trade-vi­sit

  • 'Meat still very much on my dietary table'

    You don't say...

  • This looks like a next level way of making Seitan!

  • Every year my son goes vegan for lent
    Usually we just do more dhal or vegan curries etc. this year he wanted to try some of the meat substitute stuff. I’m eating the same as him but with a slacker adherence to the vegan principles.

    The question I have is what are the better “packaged” meat substitutes? I do some decent things with mushrooms & walnuts or pulses, but the supermarket stuff I’m buying doesn’t taste amazing tbh.

  • Off the top of my head, Beyond burgers and sauages, Richmond sausages and Birds Eye vegan fingers are close to the source material. Most things imitating cheap chicken, aka nuggets are OK. Depends what you are trying to cook, most of these are easy oven stuff.

  • The beyond meat mince worked in a bolognese, the Richmond sausages were pretty rank tbh…

  • Do you live anywhere near a Wing Yip/Longdan other supermarket that sells a lot of Chinese stuff? They do some great vegan chicken as well as some more unusual vegan meat substitutes if you and your son are feeling brave (mutton, frog legs etc).

  • Sainsbury's own brand sausages are great. Richmond are a good substitute of a shitty cafeteria sausage, sainsbury's are closer to a decent sausage.

  • People will tell you their favourite sausages/burgers but everyone's are different. It's really just a case of trying them and remembering the ones you like and dislike.

    As above, anything breaded or battered seems to be much of a muchness with the meaty equivalent.

  • Cheers I’m not in London. I have experienced some pretty amazing Chinese & Vietnamese mushroom dishes that could have been meat if you told me it was.

    I’m not super into replicating meat, but I’m cooking for my family and it’s sometimes a case of veg + starch then meat for the carnivores and then fill in the blanks for the vegans. To me it sounds like the wrong approach, but it’s tough cooking something to please everyone every night.

  • I can't remember if I've posted this recipe before but it's banging, made it a few times now. Quite time intensive but very straightforward and just goes in the oven for ages so actual time actively preparing it isn't bad. Sounds like a bit of an odd mix of ingredients but makes a really tasty, meaty bolognese type thing. Might make it tomorrow and chuck it in a lasagne.­olenghi-flavour-roasting-pan-ragu/

  • Nice, I do something very similar but without the miso or coconut cream. All the family enjoy it. Even if I’m doing a meat bolognese or lasagne they expect lentils. But cheers that’s a good angle on a classic

  • Bit of a long shot, is there anywhere to get a quick, easy, healthyish lunch in Tonbridge Wells on a Monday?

  • Oumph pulled ‘pork’ is good, the ribs are shit
    Linda McCartney meatballs are my favourite
    Quorn chicken nuggets good

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The Vegan Thread

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