Dynamo Lights

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  • Yup, any fork mount you want and then a cut off piece of disk brake adapter to make the 90 degree turn needed. Fitted to my CdF for 4 years and it’s not missed a beat yet.

    Pic below so you get the idea. Used some spacers to lift it up a little more to clear the front wheel

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  • All sounds very promising, cheers.

  • Lazy Exposure/Supernova bodge. Rather than adding an Exposure mount, just removed the cleat and countersunk the Supernova "foot" slightly to accept the same bolt.

  • Anyone running the Rene Herse Taillight? Thoughts?

  • It is very nice.

    Basically Secula internals

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  • Lovely setup here! That a Edelux ii?

  • Yep. It is the upside down Edelux II

    Here are some more photos. SL connectorless hub and fork mod, through headtube cable routing for the rear light.

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  • The extra pics are handy cheers. Always loved those connectorless hubs, such a neat solution!

  • Such a nice randonneuse. Internally routed rear dyno lights is well Bicycle Quarterly!

    Rear brake block shoes have closed ends facing backwards? Seems a bit unconventional.

  • They're closed on all sides. Original Dia Compe ones from 80s.

  • Such a nice randonneuse.

    Or as the Japanese say a ランドナー (randona)

    Definitely inspired by the BQ style. I need to update my CP thread.

  • Could a Dynamo hub from a 700c wheel be repurposed in a 26 wheel build? Got a project in mind…

  • Should work no problem.

  • Fitted. Kept the connection up the front all soldered and triple layered with different shrink wrap, should keep Scotland out of the connection for a while.

    The supernova e3 makes more light and a much better pattern, but it takes more wheel turns until there is light, front and rear which i wasn't expecting. Was expecting to have rear light go straight to full brightness with a turn of the wheel like b+m lights do, takes upto 5 until this does so will expect a lot of cars honking "you've got no lights mate". Better the rest of the time though.
    The e3 rear stand light is mega weak, even after riding several miles it's very faint, will only be seen on totally unlit roads.

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  • Doesn’t sound quite right; should be fully bright pretty quickly and standard for a stand light is minutes...

  • I’ve got the same set up on my Brompton and the front light comes on almost immediately (but smaller wheel…) but I have the same with the E3 rear. It’s good whilst cycling along and is pretty bright but fades almost immediately when I stop at lights, which is a bit annoying as that’s when I’d really want it bright! Great incentive to try and keep consistent movement and minimal stopping though

  • Both f+r get upto 3 to 5 mins of stand lighting once you've ridden far enough. Just mean that the rear stand light brightness is quite low. Checked it tonight in full regular darkness and it's fine, think I just had unrealistic hopes.
    When riding though, both lights are boss, front is as bright as you'd ever need for paved road work and beam pattern perfect (flat top, round bottom, gets good distance without dazzling oncoming users).

  • Right, someone here said I’d be back, they were right. Dynamo and lamps going back on this weekend.
    Have a handlebar bracket as the one that fits behind the brake caliper / through the fork drilling doesn’t fit because of the pesky overhang of the lower headset.
    Anyone come across a work-around so I can get the lamp a bit lower?
    Have no front rack, no fork bosses.

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  • Is there space to squeeze something between the fender and caliper?

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  • There’s a thought. It’s tight (possibly a clearanceClarence moment) but it could work. Is there such a brackety thing or will I need to artisanally whittle something?

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  • Space out the caliper like so

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  • Ah. No noticeable issue with braking (once the pads are aligned properly to compensate for the offset)?
    Just tried to g**gle those washers. Wheredidyagetem?

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Dynamo Lights

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