Dynamo Lights

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  • Mine are full of all the random bolts, heat shrink nonsense, esoteric connector paddle things that relate to them, and about 3 types of bracket.

    My Exposure Strada also came in a massive case which is also full of random bolts and brackets.

    Presumably one day in the next 40-60 years someone will be sifting through the late me's stuff and toss these into a large skip

  • Oh I also have maybe 5 of those Exposure cases. 2 helmet lights, Six Pack, Max D, Strada...

    and similar cases x 3 for Powertaps...

    and :S

  • Before I end up buying a completely new light, does anyone have a B&M Secula (seat post/seat stay fitting) that they would be interested in swapping for my B&M Secula (mudguard fitting)?

    Or does anyone know if you can buy the seat post/stay fitting part separately to fit? Or are the lights substantially different enough for that not to be possible?

  • Unless you can fashion some kind of little bracket, you'll need to buy a new light - the steatstay attachment is moulded into the back of the light :(

  • Are these little spade connectors meant to be so tight?! Absolute pain to fit and can’t see myself being able to fit on the side of the road…

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  • They can be a little tight. I would try prizing them (i.e. the curled parts from the flat part where they grip the terminals) apart with something very thin, ie not a lot.

  • Yeah, you can gently lift tight spades with a flathead screwdriver to make them easier to slide on/off.

  • I'll do that! We're almost there on dynamo-mountage though I was briefly foiled by a Praxis T47 BB and lack of an appropriate tool (I'm routing the wires internally). Just gotta love "standards" eh

  • I put a little copper paste on for lube.

  • I'd recommend other people test it on a less sensitive part of their body first.

  • That also. No such thing as too much lube

  • I have one of these in my spares if you want to pm me and borrow till yours arrives.

  • I (probably) have a dead seatpost one. Won’t be able to check before the weekend though.

    Note they’re glued together so you’ll need to literally crack them open and come up with a way to glue them shut in a weathertight way.

  • Ah cool, thanks. Yeah I was looking at how to dismantle mine and couldn't see an obvious screw holding it together :|

  • Son sells two alternative connection systems, both ending in a coaxial plug connection. Would highly recommend, but they do need to be soldered.

  • Mine is currently mounted to the eyelet at the bottom of the seat stay using a post mount to IS mount brake adapter bracket I had kicking around in the parts bin.

  • Ahh, nice hack!

    Thankfully my bit arrived from Frambuilder Works, 5000 miles away in less than a week. I'm sure there's a fabricator somewhere closer who could have made me one, ah well. : /

  • I found that they’re easier and easier to slide on and off every time I do it. About to fit the coax adapter mentioned by Eeyore though.

    My way of doing it road side has been to fit them and then use something, like a small hec key to apply even pressure and slide them on.

  • I've been eyeing up that SON coax junction box thing, but cannot get my head around how I can use it to hook up a Sinewave Revolution and an Exposure Revo, and whether or not there are other parts that I will need. If anyone can do an explanation for a stupid, please oblige me!

  • I just cut the kit to pieces and soldered the pieces back in where i wanted them to use the adapter at the hub and splicing in the junction before the headlight, a supernova e3, without rewiring the internal wires.

    I guess thats similar to what you want to do. I haven’t soldered much before but it seems to work :-)

  • Thinking of running a Supernova front light without the rear for a week or two and just stowing the cable with taped up ends in a frame bag, as I'm waiting for a new rear to show up after a faulty one.

    Should I expect any issues with this? It all works, just wondering if I run a risk of blowing it without the rear fitted as well.

  • It'll be fine. Just make sure the cables for the rear light don't short out.

  • Ah thanks, yeah I've taped up all the bare wire and then taped it all secure so should all be fine there.

  • B&M IQ-XT mounted under garmin 530. The wires must exit at the lower side but the band allows it to rotate for top mounting.

    Pity the 3D print isn’t black but it’s sturdy and more attractive than the B&M CYO-T which had to be mounted underneath.

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  • Anyone looking for a 32H, QR, disc dynamo hub? https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/3652­84/#comment16065690

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Dynamo Lights

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