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  • After many cereal boxes I’ve got to a profile that I can cut in sheet stainless and bend to make a useful light bracket.

    High enough to be above the mudguard.
    Positioned so I can have the bike with or without the rear rack.
    Low enough that my saddlebag won’t obscure it.
    The part that the light mounts onto is perpendicular to the ground while the riser portion is at 73 degrees to the ground so it’s parallel to the seat-tube.

    Mounting holes for 50mm top light, the one with the brake like function.

    I’ve mulled over this for far too many minutes but this finally seems to tick all the boxes.

    Am I missing anything?

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  • Am I missing anything?

    What’s to stop it swivelling down if the rack’s not mounted?

  • The light is something like 50g and the bracket will be about the same probably. I’m thinking it won’t swivel down if everything is nipped up nice and tight.

    Failing that I would have a tab to wrap around the stay and prevent rotation. Things get complicated then. Is it going to mark the stay, etc.

    Needs to be tested I guess.

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  • Looking for advice....

    Running a front light but not a rear. I'm quite happy with the routing between the light and the hub but not sure what to do with the unused wire for the rear light.

    Can I just cut it and tape up the end or something?


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  • Yeah, wrapped round the back like that would deal with it I reckon. As you say there’s not much weight there. A little shrink-wrap or similar (plastidip?) to stop scuffing maybe?

  • It seems such a shame to me not to put a dynamo rear light on. You might also have a flashing battery light but there's something reassuring about having a wired rear light that never runs out of batteries, and that you don't even need to remember to switch on.

  • Anyone know what front rack mount this is?

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  • Looks like a bodge from some rear rack part and a bolt and washer.

  • Aha! Wondered if it was an actual part or just something cobbled together.

    Clearly, I need a better spares box.

  • Plastidip could be perfect, I’d almost want it to never touch the seat stay until it had already slipped. Working like a fall arrest. Thanks.

  • Not sure if you're aware, Nitto do a similar one that fits their stays (and therefore probably not many others)

  • Can I just cut it and tape up the end or something?

    Great work so far. Are you sure. you'll never use the rear connections? If so I'd cut the cable right back to the light and put a dot of sugu over it. Alternatively, you could do a tidy routing into the fender like you did with the otherwise and terminate it there? Heat strink over the end and gorilla tape to inside.

  • Cheers. This style? It sort of looks gangly to me and all the photos show it with a bottom mount light. Mine is a top mount.

    After a bit of Googling I have decided to give this a go: https://rivbike.tumblr.com/post/77411364­146/weve-been-selling-a-lot-of-these-sch­midt-edelux/amp

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  • No one told me you can get Son Edelux's in different colours! I wasn't planning on dynamo lighting on the Demon but this may be reason to go that way.

    Which colour should i get on this... and where should i attach it?

    dark green?

    light green?


  • Deffers orange.

  • Absolutely orange. Feel like the greens would be a harder match and will look off.

    For mounting, fork crown or on the mudguard are probably your best bets. I’d go fork crown for sturdiness if you can find a mount that will sneak under the straddle cable.

    Clearly you’d need one of these with a red lens for the rear too:

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  • The standard Edelux mount should clear the straddle cable - at least it does on my Weinmann centre-pulls.

  • Was just looking at that rear. Weird that they don't do it with a red lens? If I can figure out a neat way to get the cable to seattube/toptube junction I'll get a rear too.

    Orange it is. Tempted to try a mudguard mount.

  • Isn’t it. I was trying to find a red one but there aren’t even any photos about. Getting a cable to the rear is a bit tougher with internal routing.

    I think isen do a nice mudguard bracket?

    Edit: they do https://www.isenworkshop.com/accessories­/mudguard-light-mounts

  • If I can figure out a neat way to get the cable to seattube/toptube junction I'll get a rear too.

    On tt it wont be pretty no matter what you do, maybe DT and to one of the stays and this?

  • trying to find a red one

    I think that has a red LED in it, it’s just a clear/white cover. Neither has a reflector, so you’ll need to make separate arrangements for that.

  • Not up-to-date concerning lights so what would be a good buy for

    front light around €50



    Rear around €20?




  • I've been very happy with the IQ-XS; the only thing I might want a more powerful light for is fast riding down unlit lanes with uncertain surfaces, but for everything else it's great.

    For the rear I like something with a bigger emitting surface and a built-in reflector (e.g. https://www.bike24.de/p112787.html?q=Bus­ch%20m%C3%BCller%20topline ), but they mostly require a rack mount (or a support bracket).

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Dynamo Lights

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