Dynamo Lights

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  • In the UK? Driveside would give better visibility if that's what you mean.

  • This should answer your questions about the different options


    generally plus does indeed mean standlight or not, but just because a model doesn't have plus in the name it doesn't mean it doesn't have a standlight. i.e. the IQ-X

    see page 26

  • Technically UK lighting regs say it should be centreline or DS, and it's probably marginally more visible, but in practice it's unlikely to make a huge difference.

  • that is very nice

  • I ended up going centreline anyway as I discovered the mount I'd made to put the light at the brake bridge on my last frame would work bolted to the mudguard.

  • has anyone tried the newer k-lite?

  • Got 2 bikes with full F+R dyno lighting now, both using SON lights. One needs some refinement in the rear light positioning. The Supernova E3 rear light with the seatpost mount, does anyone know the thickness of the strut at the rear of the light where it mounts/pivots on the seatpost-fitting part? I suppose the depth would be useful to know also as it might need the bolt hole opening up to take a trad seat bolt.

    I was hoping it would fit in the gap at the rear of a set lug, it would put the light in a good spot. A thin rubber washer should let it stay in position w/o the seat lug and bolt binding when done up but it depends on the strut width. May need some filing.

  • Unless you also use a supernova front you won't have a standlight I think?

  • Yes. I have a B&M in front and a rear supernova, and I can attest !

  • I suppose the depth would be useful to know also as it might need the bolt hole opening up to take a trad seat bolt.

    It's tiny. If you open up the mounting hole large enough to fit a seat clamp bolt it will cease to be a hole.

  • Thanks. Damn. Missed mounting option design opportunity, it'd be almost French rando bike position hanging off the seat lug there.

  • Yeah I saw that it relied on the front for that but wasn't too worried about it for the kind of use the bike gets. Having said that - standlight or neater mounting... You'd pick standlight.

    Anyone seen a neat Instructable for fitting the guts of a basic rear LED light into a new housing? Assume I have a possible housing outer and red lens to use and time for a project.

    A rear reflector combined with something like this

  • Standlight always.
    B&M make that ridiculously small mü light:

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    • busch-mueller-mue-ebike-ruecklicht_600x600@2x.jpg
  • That looks useful... Hard to see from the site or the instructions pdf where the wire exits - assume it's near the pivot. A DIY bracket should be simple if it can be flipped/hang.

  • Suggestions for a cheap front and rear suitable for just town riding?

  • I've just ordered these two:


    Could have gone cheaper on the rear light but didn't think the frustration associated with the sketchy looking Buchel Beetle would be worth saving a tenner.

    Oh but it looks like I've ordered the last Secula as it's now listed as no longer available.

  • AXA blueline 50 or 30, BM top light rear light

  • I have once again ordered the wrong thing. I got the seculite without a stand light. I should have got the "plus" version (I ordered it before motoko provided the very helpful link above)

    What is the purpose of dynamo lights without a stand light. I don't get it.

  • Tidy. Although while I say it myself, not as tidy as

  • beautiful work!

  • Cheers! I was rather pleased with how it worked out. It's not looking so tidy now, after having a large Apidura seat bag bouncing up and down on it for several thousand kms..

  • Neat. Need to make up something similar to work with the B+M.

  • What's best for attaching dyno wiring to the frame? Have seen some people recommend Di2 guides, but reviews are mixed regarding their durability; should I just use the heli tape I've got? Will probably be routing it under the top tube, and will then spiral it around the rack.

  • I like taping it to any cable routing I have going on. Makes it nice and neat, although is a pain if you need to change cable outer. I’ve also had success with Sugru and simple electrical tape for the slightly beefier cables they comes with the exposure RedEye rear light

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Dynamo Lights

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