Dynamo Lights

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  • I think it should be enough to support a 20g light, no?

  • there is only one way to know .. loctite it pls

  • Doesn't the IQX have a formed beam, which means mounting it upside down on the out front mount would flip the beam over?

    Looking at that stem, can't you get creative and mount it there with a longer bolt?

  • It can rotate within the mount, so you can keep the light correctly aligned when mounting upside-down.

  • The IQX mount rotates so you can mount it upside down but the light is still the correct way up.

    Edit: Too Slow

  • Wot they said.
    I think it’s supposed to be either upright or upside down, not side ways but I’ll see how it holds up

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  • IQ-X can. be mount on Supernova/SON mounts which are metal and stiff btw ... but yeah bars and a go-pro is what I did, was fine in full darkness in the lanes.

    It takes away the ability to have a bar bag though.

  • That’s a point. Once I’ve got a dedicated road bike again, this will be 99% commuter so it’s probably fine

  • Only concern would be can it rotate into the wheel?

  • Not sure it will, it's done up pretty tight with an M5 bolt - but I'll 100% keep an eye on it

    I mean, my seatpost is supported by only 1 bolt too, and that does alright

  • I mean, my seatpost is supported by only 1 bolt too, and that does alright

    totally different structural support, if it fails, post it here so I can gloat

  • Any of these might be impossible or simply not work:

    1. if the bottom of the steerer is accessible, a bung in there with some flat alu contraption sticking out forwards to attach to
    2. (this is a bit ridiculous) some kind of slim bit of metal to fit under the crown race, with fittings for the light at the front
    3. (in a similar vein) a custom spacer under the stem with fittings that drop down suitably far

    Ofc they're all kinda silly, potentially ugly and a lot of work but so is the rack

  • There are very few pictures of the beam of a cheap dynamo light: the axa Blueline 50.

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    1. It isn't, as per most full carbon forks

    2. I'd gladly go for this option if it existed, and it does possibly for smaller steerers but I've never seen it for 1 1/2". Not to mention that this fork has an integrated crown race so if I change the fork, I may as well find one with the crown drilled.

    3. Not sure how much better than mounting under the bars this would be and it might interfere with cables. If it's long enough to clear, it would be flexible

  • Has anyone riden with both the Supernova E3 light and a the B+M IQ-X?

    I’m wondering how they compare and if the upgrade to the a supernova is worth it? I’d be running it from a Shimano hub.

    I find the B+M lights a little too focused for bashing around the hilly lanes. Some more spill would be good.

  • I had IQ-X and now have E3 triple. E3 triple is wayyy brighter but also illegal.

  • but also illegal.

    Even better.

  • Some more spill would be good.

    You wont get this from E3 triple .. or at least the angle and where I have mounted mine, I dont. But bright as the sun.

  • Does anyone know of anywhere selling decent pre-built dynamo wheels? Looking for ~QR, 700, 32H, centre-lock, wide-ish rim for the gravel bike.

    Previously had a Shimano Deore XT DH-T785 on an Alexrim 1.7S & that was great. Don't need a super fancy spec.

  • Oo, nice one. Relatively local too.

  • for something a bit more budget you can also check out

    or Rose bikes.

  • I don't have a rack.

    The thing it was mounted on has no purpose other than holding the light. I bent it and brazed it from some 10mm tube

  • E3 triple is wayyy brighter but also illegal

    In Germany.

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Dynamo Lights

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