Dynamo Lights

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  • It’s an ideal way to route it in my book.

    You might consider tying it to the mounts rather than to the hose so maintenance can be done independently, but replacing the hose is a rare enough event it’s probably not worth it.

  • I'm wiring up a Sinewave light so the cables are slightly different to the Son cabling but I'll definitely take care stripping it.

  • I appreciate the sanity check :)

    I've actually spiralled it around the hose now, and have cable tied it to the hose at the mount points and to the frame in a few places, mainly thinking of keeping any stresses off the cable. Fingers crossed hose maintenance doesn't come up too often, it was a faff getting the discs set up!

  • Use lead solder as it is tricky to get the lead free stuff to suck into the joints.

  • I soldered the coaxial adapter on today, it was surprisingly easy, I think having a second pair of hands to hold things contributed massively. I hooked up the wheel and the light works, hopefully my handy work holds.

  • You can shrink wrap tube, it to the cable. I run mine along side the front gear cable and under the frame. If you also use black gear cable it not noticeable. Just use clear tape to hide the cable. You then just replace this every so often along with annual service.

  • Well this make shift mount is predictably shit.
    The rack thing is actually solid but the plastic mount that comes with the IQX is flexy as hell so the light bounces around everywhere.
    Don’t have a hole in the fork crown so next attempt is going to be out front mount with GoPro mount underneath to mount the light directly to. Any recommendations?

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  • Don’t @ me about the bar tape

  • There is some method to the madness of the design. The plastic fails if you bike goes over and lands light down. It saves your light but costs £12 for the replacement mount. I have bought 2 of them so far.

    But I agree that solid mounting for non-fork options are pretty poor.

  • Bar tape is excellent.

  • Have you considered the spotter (tm) brass rod?

  • I made about 3 for various lights / fittings out of one 30cm length of brass. Cost £3ish.

    Making more so I can knock one up for you if you like

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  • How does this work for a front light?
    To be honest I’d rather get rid of the rack. Seems excessive just for a light mount.
    Spoils my clean aesthetic

  • I could do with a couple of those for rears. I should probably buy a length of pipe to do it myself

  • The bottom one will probably do for your current front light setup. Just depends on which way the mounting point is facing in relation to the light, super easy.

    Would probably make it shorter in your case but I needed to clear the underside of a rack

  • To be honest I’d rather get rid of the rack.

    Yeah just mount the light to the side of the fork??

  • Yeah I’ll try it. I ideally wanted the light to clear the tyre.

    I might pick up a knock off one of these from eBay for £3.99

  • Can't you just add a mounting tab to the 'rack thing' and mount the light directly to that? IIRC the IQX mounting system isn't exactly complex.

    P.S. Love the bar tape. Very Bet Lynch. Bye 'eck chuck.

  • I’m over it. Just want to buy something off the shelf.

    I’ve just attached it to the side of the fork and I’ll test that to see if the tyre shadow annoys me. If it does I’ll go for the bar mount and be done with it

  • Figured out a pretty neat solution for the rear light mount. Fairlight can keep their £25 3d printed version.

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  • thats only connected with 1 bolt

  • Neat! Is the gear cable routed through the other hole? :D

  • ;-)

    Can do, show me the light mount and boss?

  • Don’t @ me about the bar tape

    P@ butcher limited edition?

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Dynamo Lights

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