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  • How do I know whether to get 6v or 12v rear light?
    (Supernova e3 rear to connect with e3 front, which i got second hand)

    12v is for e-bikes?

  • Just noticed my son rear light no longer stays on when I stop, pretty sure it used to give me a few minutes at lights. Any pointers as to where/what to check?

  • Yeah, 12v is for e-bikes.

  • The 6v could be too- if it’s DC

    Or does it not matter?

  • I mean, Supernova's website says the 12v is for pedelecs but what would I know ¯\(ツ)


  • A lot of e-bikes will be 12V or 6V, configurable by plugging it in to a PC. I can't remember whether it's something you need to be an approved dealer to change but the battery can supply either.

  • Shimano have stopped making posh ('sport series') rim-brake dynamos, right? Looks like the DH-3N72 / DH-3N80 hubs are out of stock most places.

  • From what I've read here, I understood that a Son Rear Light wouldn't work on a Supernova E3 Pro 2.
    Would a SON Rear Light DC for Pedelecs work?

  • I'm currently using an e-bike DC rear light (Lezyne) with Supernova front light and it works just fine.

  • Here is what it did: I used an M3 bolt (diameter of the Supernova mount) that I mounted with washers and taped with heat-shrink tubing inside the M5 rack mount so it doesn't move once bolted. Been running this for two years now.

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  • That's very helpful, thanks!

    I've 3d printed one of these - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:343352­5

    but I can't quite get enough tension on the bolt to hold the light reliably at the correct angle. If I can use an M3 bolt and a nut then maybe that solves the problem...

  • Great! Thanks :-)

  • I noticed the 3n72 and 3n80 seem to be vanishing recently. The upside is that where shops have the better ones in stock they seem to be discounted to make way for disc versions. Spa, Rose and Starbike all have one or the other I think. I bought the LX version from SJS recently for peanuts. I can’t see any obvious difference between that and my 3dn80, except finish is matte silver and internals must be different as it’s only rated 2.4w not 3w. Built it and ridden it, lights work fine, all good.

    I’m guessing if you’ve already searched that you may be after 36h as I can only find 32h easily.

    The XT one may well be near identical to the 3dn80, again I seem to only find 32h easily.

  • @Velocio
    I’ve noticed there’s so much crossover between Dynamo Hub and Dynamo Lights threads that perhaps they should be merged. I’ve been thinking about for ages, @Thrustvector’s chat above exemplifies it: Dyno hub talk in ‘dyno lights’ thread.

    What do all the other dyno people think? Seems sensible to make it one thread to light them all, with apologies to JRR Tolkein.

  • they're both well established and I can merge, but which everyone is deleted all of the people watching that will not see it's happened and won't be watching the new thread.

    As both seem to have survived and thrived, I'm OK for leaving as-is unless people really believe there should be only one thread.

  • Shutter precision have some lights that look decent now, DS-4 is the 6v dynamo lighting variant. Anyone any experience or too new? Will be powered by a PD 8 series or shimano 3w job. Going on a 20" wheel though, so maybe too many spins but will figure that out.

  • Yeah, was looking for 36h as I'm not lightweight, otherwise would just have got the cheap 3n72 from Spa (though I guess for non-touring use 32h might be ok?).

    Which lights are you using on the 2.4w? I know people (used to) warn about dimmer lights, but then why are the latest hubs being released in 1.5w versions?

    (Forgot there was a specific hub chat thread, sorry...)

  • I did this few years ago on my custom frame

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  • Using a cheapo plastic reflector bracket for my b&m rear light. Not technically how it’s meant to be orientated but doesn’t seem to affect performance and there’s a nice degree of angle adjustment...

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  • +1 would prefer if they were merged

  • Cool. @velocio ^

    @Thrustvector not a dig at you posting here, just using our chat as an example of why they should merge. Now we’re going to talk about lights, as are those people mounting their mini b&ms with the ‘linetech’ (hah) prism spread thing pointing up/down instead of left/right.

    I’m powering B&M IQS and mini rear. Think 2.4 is standard requirement for old halogens front lights, so LX aimed at front-only set ups. As you say, plenty of 1.5w lights from Shimano now.

    I’d say it’s a bit flickery below 6mph or so, set up with a rear. Standlights work fine. All good.

    Reckon 36h rimbrake ones are now hard to find. 32’s fine for most uses right? Triple butted spokes, a solid rim, you’ll be fine.

  • Cool, ta - might look into getting one of SJS's sale 2.4W disc hubs for the OH's commuter then.
    Was going to try and make this dynowheel my first go at building my own, so am probably overthinking it slightly!

  • SJS's sale 2.4W disc hubs

    we have 2.4w disc hubs?

  • Ha, my mistake - thought the LX ones on there were disc not rim! Should have bought one of those dirt cheap disc 3D3x ones you had on there a while back...

  • I may have bamboozled them, I was talking about the LX rimbrak one I bought, as you probs recall.

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Dynamo Lights

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