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  • It really just involves crimping the correct connector to the end of the rear light cable to plug it into the relevant front light. The connectors are usually included with the lights.

    Total compatability though. Supernova are the tricky ones as their rear light is DC and doesn't have its own standlight feature and instead draws the standlight power from the capacitor in the front light.

  • Nice! thank you. That's really helpful. Now I just need to justify the price jump to myself!

  • Does anyone know if it's ok to mount a supernova e3 pro 2 upside down? I want to hang it from my Garmin mount.

  • I am going to mount the B&M avy n and topline small to blackburn racks that do not have any light mounts at all

    Does anyone on here have a helpful link to some practical mounts that are not too bad looking?


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  • If the light pattern works for you sure.
    It'll be fine

  • It doesn’t work because the beam is structured - unless there’s a way of opening it up and flipping the leds/mirror.

    You need an IQ-X.

  • As said above, you can, but the beam pattern will be upside down.

    I recently acquired an Airstream 2 and will be 3D printing a mount (once I get back to work) that will be able to attach to the bottom of the light and has a gopro interface on top. Shoot me a dm if you want to test one, would be nice if the mount were universal for most Supernova lights.

  • I’ve read that there are water ingress issues with doing this. Even with the symmetric beamed e3 triple it is advised against.

  • You could email exposure and ask about revo.

    I don't think it has cut offs, from my memory of it's pattern.

  • This Panasonic looks awesome, yours?

  • I have bought the Supernova already, I'm just looking at mounting options like hanging from a Garmin mount. @LeMesjeu very interested in a custom mount. I have access to a 3D printer so if you could send the file that be neat. Probably something along the lines of this?

  • Something like that yeah. But due to the placement of the mounting point of the Supernova lights being more in the middle of the frame, I was thinking about a C-shape that would go around the light.

    Once I have something usable I'll post it in the thread.

  • Many thanks!

    Used to be my mother‘s and after standing unused in the shed for ~25 yrs I rebuilt it for my wife like pictured above

  • I'm losing my full time mudguards and am therefore losing my light mounting point. Anyone know of any neat rear of fork mounts for a Edelux II? I want to keep it mounted at the same height as it was previously...

    Fork: https://store.parleecycles.com/products/­parlee-gravel-cross-fork-disc-brake

  • There’s a bracket you can get that sits below your lower bearing/crown race and crown - thin metal ring with a lamp bracket that sticks out front. Have seen them on some German ebikes with tapered steerer. Not sure where to find one, but would do the trick neatly.

    SJS have this @r.hobbs ?

  • Like this but for 1 1/2

    Ugly but works - @r.hobbs you haz?

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  • I’ve seen something like this on Instagram from a small fabricator. The version I saw went round the back and mounted to the rear/where a rim brake nit would go. Cannot for the life of me find it now I’m afraid...


  • Just checked... can’t see anything bigger than the 1” we have.

    I’ll have a look into it

  • They definitely exist in bigger sizes/for crown location as Riese & Muller use them, just no idea where they get them.

    I’m sure you’ll be the guy to find them if they’re out there. Cheers.

  • There's a lot of discussion of this kind of thing further up. the thread, I think Coldharbour might have offered their design for sale, and Fairbairn did this: https://www.lfgss.com/comments/14124326/­

  • Need one of these too so following with interest.

    I've got it bodged at the minute with a bent mount from something else but the light vibrates like mad and does my head in.

  • Come to think of it, I also need one (or some variant created to fit an Exposure cleat)

  • Had to send my Supernova back recently as it wasn't sending power to the rear, nor was the stand light working. Bit of a shame, but hopefully the 5year warranty should cover it.

  • On the Revo (and any larger Exposure lights), you can remove the cleat and use a longer bolt to attach the light to a permanent fixture if needed.

  • Yeah that's basically what I would going to do, but perhaps with a longer bolt through the cleat to lift the light away from the bracket a touch

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Dynamo Lights

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