Dynamo Lights

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  • Oh, I use panniers in either side and require that space to be free given how I’ve attached them to the forks.

    Am not 100% convinced by this front rack tbh.

  • Uh I wish I had seen that before spending all this time trying not to damage my brand new light... I’ll look them up online, unless you’ve got a link?

  • That thing is £50 or something ridiculous like that

  • Unless you have a trade account with sjs! 33% off!

  • It's actually a lot less at SJS. I saw it somewhere else for a crazy price.

  • Oh, I use panniers in either side and require that space to be free given how I’ve attached them to the forks.

    Ah! Makes sense.

  • trying to justify getting a dynamo wheel built up, but struggling with the cost of it all. i've done multiple tours, audaxes and one pbp with battery power (on the latter i carried 3 power packs, about 35,000mah of power), and i managed fine, though it was an almighty faff at times.

    i have a couple of bikes i use on rides where a dynamo would be useful, one is QR, the other 100mm thru axle; both disc brakes. the QR bike is the one i'd probably use the most, and i've had a quote of ~£200 to have a wheel built up which would be almost identical to the specs of the rear wheel. that's with an sp pv-8 hub, i imagine if i'd want it to be swappable onto both bikes i'm looking at the more expensive pd-8x hub? then, what, £70 for a decent front light, and £72 for an igaro? and i'd still need a power pack anyway for emergencies, and battery lights for the same.

    spendy, innit. someone please tell me how easy your life became on night rides / really bloody long rides to make my mind up.

  • Battery pack is cheaper, lighter and easier to swap between bikes.

    The benefits of the dynamo are all mental. "Not having to think about power." etc unless you are really out in the wilderness with multiple days away from power supplies.

    You can cheap out on dynamo wheels if you have rim brakes or if you build your own wheels.

  • pick one bike to do these rides on.
    get a second hand SON hub or full wheel off eBay.
    get second hand lights off eBay.
    have fun.

  • Use a Jtek hub!

  • I don't do audax (yet) so this is for my commuter bike. No forgetting to charge lights. No lights losing power halfway home, ...

    Bike24 do some wheels with sp hub's. paid 145 euro's for mine but it was disc brake. Worth checking out as the sp hub's are already 100 euro's?

  • I paid £40 for a centrelock shimano hub, £9 for a 650b rim off px, less than a tenner for spokes and lights were ~£35 posted. Doesnt have to be super expensive

  • What attachment methods work when running rear dynamo wires on the inside of a mudguard? I assume that water + dirt eliminates most taping methods but I could be wrong. Gaffer tape or something else?

  • Clean it properly then use gorilla tape.

  • Silicon?

  • Thank you. My google-fu was only giving me horrible "wires ziptied to the mudguard stays" type answers. I knew there had to be a better answer.

  • I've had the Gorilla tape method on my Isen with guards for a good 10,000km and it has worked great with no need to retape.

  • Thank you. That's a strong recommendation, much appreciated.

  • Same here, maybe even longer. I swapped the guards onto a new frame recently and the tape didn't even need redoing

  • It’s unpopular to think of other people in 2020, but another benefit of a dynamo setup is that the vast majority (and all the decent) lights are dipped beam.

    Not only does that not blind fellow people, but it makes a mad difference on visibility. When I go back to battery lights on my SSCX I can hardly see where I’m going now.

  • I’m also a serial loser of lights, so it’s probably financially worked out in my benefit!

  • Dynamo goes along with basket lyfe

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  • Clever snipping the basket so the shifters move freely.

  • Perhaps a dumb question but is it easy to mix B&M and Son light setups? I've got a Luxos on the front of my bikepacker and want a small rear light on the seatpost. I've got a Secula on there at the moment but it feels massive. I'm not going to get a saddle bag on there as well.

    The son looks much more compact but they also look like they've got very different cabling systems, is it faff to combine the two? Anyone done it?

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Dynamo Lights

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