Dynamo Lights

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  • You can do this: https://bluelug.com/blog/kamiuma/64059/

    But leave the strut end with the mounting hole intact and rotate the clamp 90*. You can mount the light to the strut where it mounts to the frame.

  • Your light's upside down though...

  • Thanks for the help!

    After a fresh look at it the other day, I realised I could just flip the mount:

  • My IQ-X died in that position. Better to do this i reckon, to minimize water spray:

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  • Shit!

    Thanks for the update, will move.

  • Less likely with a SON as they are properly water sealed!

  • Anyone managed to charge devices from a Exposure Revo with any luck? I have the light, not the Garmin, yet.

    Also have a PedalPower+ AC rectifier thing which I've not used in ages but hopefully still works. If I could find a female socket to solder on and take the Revo cable's unmoderated current that would probably work, otherwise would involve swapping at the hub to go between the two.

  • Shouldn't need an ac rectifier, output current from revo is DC, around 3v

    I used a DC step up board to increase the voltage to 12v to power a standard led strip.

    What's a phone charger, 5v?

  • I mean feeding the PedalPower with the output lead from the hub, hence not using the light while I'm using that, and vice versa. I can't see me having a great need to use both at the same time.

    Did you use an exposure lead to your board or a 3rd party one? You know what size the plug is? I make the outer about 4mm

  • I bought a lead off of eBay, the exposure ones are so overpriced


  • Nice one, yeah I've found similar. I may end up copying your rear light project eventually. How's it holding up?

  • Ha, not so good! But more likely because the bike gets beaten up playing polo

  • Just had a thought. Most e-bike lights use 6V DC from the main battery. This means they should work fine with Supernova front lights if you want a neat fender mounted solution for the rear. Have got a Lezyne e-bike rear light to test this theory.

  • from the looks of it either a 10mm thru or a QR

  • hmm...

    £119 vs £179 new (incl 5 yr warranty).

    Pretty sure that is a QR model

  • Ah. they're cheaper than I remember!

  • Yeah, frustratingly the TA and disc brake ones are closer to £250.

  • those the swarf guards? is the 650b version any stiffer than the 700c version? loved the weight but they were real flexy. not to mention difficult to get tensioned exactly right.

  • Having no idea about dynamo lightning so far and now the quest to add lights to two bikes, one with a SON 28 dynamo, and the other one with a Shimano DH-3D32.

    What is the way to go? I would just add cheap Busch + Müller Toplight Flat S Plus LEDs on the back, and Herrmans H-Black MR8 on the front. Both are cheap and seem to be OK. For now on both bikes, to save some money.

    But when I want to get superior lights (on the SON bike), I am not sure which option: Supernova or SON? Basically I would like to use a SON Edellux in the front, and a Supernova light in the back. But that seems to be not good.

  • SON is properly weather sealed, 5 year warranty and very good lights.

    Supernova cannot be used with SON, good lights also.

    B+M lights are good for the money, but many see issues with water ingress.

    SON is the easy option, fit and forget.

  • I've had a couple of AXA Blueline lights, both the 30 and 50 lumen versions. They are very good for the money. Just make sure to get the version with standlight.
    B&M secula are really good for mounting on mudguards.

  • Thanks for the input! I think I'll go then for a SON front light first. Standlight would be absolute important. Also how to mount cables best and where on the frames, there are so many accessoires regarding lighting out there.

  • So i’m about to pull the trigger on a new dynamo setup. I’m going for a SP PLX8 hub with Busch + Müller Lumotec IQ2 & µ [mü] Dynamo-Rear lights. I’ve heard good and bad things about lumotec lights. Advice welcome. TIA

  • Lumotec IQ2

    i had this for a while bought from @JB its a good light and bonus of USB charging (although not that fast) i heard people had problems with water ingress. I guess its pretty good advice whatever light you have to tape up places water could get in.. you should be fine.

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Dynamo Lights

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