Dynamo Lights

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  • The other option is that light that Scott has, that you can plug a battery into so you get constant light. Sinewave Beacon?

  • B&M lights are okay on that regard, but if you're riding in the dark for a long time and are climbing a lot then it will flicker eventually, in my experience.

  • I bought a Supernova E3 Tail Light 2 from here as a gift, but turns out the person I bought it for has another one already.

    So I thought I'd see if anyone wants it before I return it, since it's sold out (I think I bought the last one).

    I'd be after the discounted price I paid on the website linked above, you'd save yourself the postage, I'd save the cost of returning it. If there is no interest I will return it.

  • What’s the trick to gering cables through internal wiring in the frame?
    If possible I’d like to do it without taking of the existing connectors.

  • I'll take it.

  • You'd probably have to bodge something. If you want one of those though, message me and I can get it for you and my sister can post it to you when she's back in the UK in a couple of weeks.

  • Ah cheers mate. Very kind.

    Got a mate over at the mo so sorted tho.

  • Warning: Long and dull dynamo review ahead...

    tl:dr - budget Shimano dynamo with B&M lightsets are good, but only for commuting really, with a lamp upgrade.

    Had some Xmas money so decided to waste it on a new dynamo set-up, trading up from rechargeable lights, and pressed the button on Spa Cycles bundle of the Shimano XT 1.5W Rim Brake Standard Commuter Bundle. Here's what I found:

    • The unscientific test is based nearly three weeks use, but bought specifically for weekday commuting of 46 miles a day, mostly unlit roads, really dark lanes, a good km of 10% climbing and a little town riding. Ride time around 90 mins each way so if I have to stop / go slow (and especially in the very cold) get close to battery limit and have been carrying two front lamps.
    • Nice wheel build and light, but the dynamo seems to make a ticking noise which am guessing is the magnets spinning? It's not too bad, a bit like a old clock ticking but if you're used to near silent running it might annoy.
    • Setting it all up was simple enough, but the instructions that come with the front lights don't tell you as much as the one that comes with the back one. Bizarre. Still, all wired up.
    • Did call Spa (who were dead helpful answering my dumb-ass questions) to ask if I need to cover the connections at all, for waterproofing, but they said not to worry. So the set-up has passed the light-rain test but not the downpour run.
    • Rear light is super good (Selectra Plus) and fits my Tortec rack perfectly.
    • Loads of wiring supplied.
    • Front light (Eyc T), initially was happy but the novelty wore off after three night rides. The 50 lux is ok but coming down from 1100 lumens meant it was hard to spot pot holes and turning into corners was almost blind. Plus points were no flicker or dimming on climbs (and I'm a slow as, being old and fat.)
    • Traded up and rode the 80lux version (not the 100lux after reading the beam strength is all forward facing, see the next bit about corners) yesterday and today. Major improvement. More light (duh) and while not as bright as the battery lamps, much easier to spot potholes, much better beam spread and really importantly, corners are all lit up nicely so much safer ride / confidence.
    • Climb home tonight, the lamp dims alarmingly but didn't go into flicker / strobe mode so manageable. Plus extra incentive to pedal my lazy arse faster.
    • Wouldn't go hooning along dark lanes but would be happy now to tackle unfamiliar rides at night - wouldn't have done with the first lamp.
      So, said it would be boring; but if you wanted to try dynamo's would recommend with the lamp upgrade for night-commutes and longer night rides I guess.
      Total cost was £200 including the handlebar bracket (to fit my old Cinelli's) and the new lamp.
      Oh, anyone want a Eyc T lamp for £20 posted?
  • Just seen this but yes. I removed the rear cable in the past, it’s just soldered on. A little fiddly but simple.

  • Why did you go for a 1.5w model instead of 3w?
    Is that for smaller wheels? It shouldn't be ticking either.

  • @essdi :)
    @sohi only had £150 to spend (well, blew that plan :) and am running 700c road wheels. Going to pop the wheel off this weekend and check if it is the hub. Have had a long term love/hate relationship with the front mudguard and had thought I'd sorted that out, but now not so sure it's not that bloody thing fouling again... edit: also don't need any usb charging on the go.

  • Thanks, I’ll cut it to the right size with a little more confidence now.

  • Velo orange got one.

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  • What's the forum approved method for fixing the rear dynamo light wire to the inside of the mudguard?

    It fits nearly in the rolled edge of a Gilles Berthoud so just needs something sticky to hold it there. Glue maybe?

  • Matt used duct tape on mine. Not pretty if you do a close inspection, but it's still stuck down almost two years later...

  • I was thinking of using some clear bathroom sealant and just filling the void with cable and sealant???

  • If you can thread it under the rolled edge of the mudguard and seal with a bead of silicone it would be super neat.

    My PDW guards don't have the rolled edge and I ended up just using gorilla tape to hold it down. Works great too.

  • @amey can you share a link to the out front mount you're mounting the IQ X on here?


  • I am just mounting it on a go pro mount. I use(ed) k-edge combo mount with wahoo on top and the light at the bottom, works perfectly.

  • make sure to rotate it for upside down mounting

  • Will do, it's for my girlfriend's bike in the absence of any fork crown mounting options

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Dynamo Lights

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