Russian XB3 frame and forks

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  • I managed to pick myself up of of these, plus I've seen quite a few on eBay recently.
    I can't seem to find and much if any information on the company so I was wondering if anyone knows anything about them? ...or maybe someone here owns one?

    I found this page that has some pictures of one built up. By the looks of things they are made by XB3, with the name Pekopo or Pekopa(?)

    Here's the one that's on it's way to me.

  • nice work stand! what make is that?

  • just realized it might not be your pics... engages head

  • its "record" transliterated into Russian.
    USSR made, often in Ukraine, often require specific components as not standard sizing or threading.
    usually heavy gas pipe tubing, some not.
    good luck....

    yours was made in Kharkov apparently:­-58-cm-KEIRIN-PISTA-Fixed-gear-RETRO_W0Q­QitemZ110463074131QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_­DefaultDomain_0?hash=item19b81cbf53#ht_1­432wt_1167
    ask this dude for more info/ parts....

    the workstand was on sale as well somewhere.

    As said by irish mick- the headset is ruskie threaded...
    I don't think this causes issues with stem choice, but not sure...
    regardless your first move should be complete overhaul of the bearings and races- this means that your rarer than rocking horse shit headset might last a while.

  • I'm told mine has english threading BB so that's one good thing. I guess I'm just going to have to hope the thing isn't make of lead.

  • they have a russian threaded headset too.
    i almost bought one a while ago but i couldn't find out too much.

    here's someone else's one­pse/2611734214/in/photostream/

  • records are mass produced low-end track frames.

  • if you want anything decent from the ussr check out so called "spwts zakaz" frames that were made for teams - sport, sprint or kvant. oir if you're looking for hi-end frames check out takhion, samoilov, vorontsov...

  • it's SPETS ZAKAZ witch means special order.

  • be very careful, the seatpost size is an abnormal one, I think they're super skinny, Peugeot skinny perhaps.

  • if it's record it's 25, if it's kvant it's 27.2

  • Good luck Ollie. If you can pull this one off it´ll be one hell of a track bike. Love old russian bikes.

  • Love old russian bikes.

    Each to their own...

  • Rekord frames have same issues as those East German Diamant bahnrahmen, weird tiny (25.0mm I think) seatpost size, heavy straight gauge tubing and obscure headset threading.

    Here's a Kvant, one of the nicer Soviet track framesets:­52-cm-KEIRIN-PISTA-Fixed-gear-RETRO_W0QQ­itemZ120503481829

    ...but with "Fork - threading M26x1 (USSR soviet standart)"

    Somehow reminds me of this...­72/3/7/russki_standard_by_sugadaddy.jpg

  • Each to their own...

    : D ...Cnut!

  • guys i will allow myself in on this conversation as i'm from exactly where these bikes use to be made. and i need to make one thing clear in the first place - IT'S NOT FROM RUSSIA, IT'S FROM UKRAINE, which is quite a different country
    actually when these were produced it was all the same country - USSR
    down to standards issue - fork threading is 26mm and not current 25.4mm step (or whatever you call it) - so fork/headset is not interchangeable with current 1" standard. so either keep both original headset and fork (preferrably :)) or just change both.
    as for the rest - BB threading could've been either English or Italian in some (rare) cases, seat posts of basic models (such as shown Record) - 25mm, more advanced ones - abovementioned Spets Zakaz SE's - 26.2. the most current ones (early to mid 90-ties) - would have "normal" 27.2 mm seatposts
    decent track frames. special order ones were produced from columbus tubes
    i am a lucky owner of some - not so well stored - but still very cool special edition frame (fork not original due to drillings) from somewhere 60ies i believe... nice chrome underneath worn off paint...­tems.1260225318.b.jpg
    the record frame in the first post should be somewhere from 80ies i believe...
    anyway feel free to ask questions on these :) or in case anyone wants to buy a piece of classic USSR machinery - PM...
    PS FFS please change "russian" in the thread name to "Ukrainian"
    PPS greetings RookieXL you're obviously here too. blya che ty ix ne ispravil chto XB3 eto Ukraina a ne Rossiya?? :)

  • i heart ukraina!
    btw I had mentioned that earlier.
    I'd try and speak russian, but I'm shit at it.

  • cheers mate :)

    how do i rep? :)

  • i went there this summer and had an amazing time.
    my gf's dad lives in Kiev, and i saw Odessa, we're going back out in summer- this time to L'Vov (sorry if spelt wrong) and then going to chernobyl (fingers crossed) and then to the other seaside bit around Sevastopol.
    great country.
    one of my new favorites.

  • Good luck Ollie. If you can pull this one off it´ll be one hell of a track bike. Love old russian bikes.

    Thanks for the positive words Nuno.

    Also, Scorch, your knowledge is very valuable to me and is appreciated kindly. Thanks.

    I have the frame now and it isn't ridiculously heavy. It feels a little bit heavier than Reynolds 531 but not quite as heavy as 501. For the price I payed I am happy. The headset on the frameset seems like it needs new bearings, but just in case it is completely knackered; does anyone know where russian 26mm headsets can be purchased?

  • Moscow!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ...does anyone know where russian 26mm headsets can be purchased?

    Dude, that's what they meant above - no parts! :)
    I'm kidding of course, but let me tell you this - even us here lot are looking for them, cause they're not produced any more.
    There are two options:

    1. I will try and look for an extra new(ish) one for you. In return, you will change the name of this thread according to my request above - from "Russian" to "Ukrainian" :)
    2. You can take a standard 1" headset, and have a mechanic (not sure of the word) re-thread it in order to fit "soviet" fork threading
      You can of course ditch the old headset and fork and just get a new standard ones.

    Shout for more info

  • In return, you will change the name of this thread according to my request above - from "Russian" to "Ukrainian" :)

    I've changed the title of the thread to "Ukrainian (not Russian) XB3 frame and forks" but it seems the change of the title is only noticeable when you are in the thread as aposed to in the forum.

    Also, I thought it best to leave the word Russian in the title so other people who purchase one of these frames can find information on them.

  • Actually, it seems as though I can't change the actual title of the thread. I guess only admin can do this.

  • pm vb.

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Russian XB3 frame and forks

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