For Sale: Martyn Ashfield 531c Track Frame

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  • Bought this about a week ago and... It doesn't fit!

    Beautiful track frame made from reynolds 531c tubing, drilled front only, measures 56cm c-c TT and 60cm c-c ST.

    Is in very good condition indeed, beautiful vibrant purple colour, the paint is pretty much mint. Comes with BB and Miche headset, forks are 1" threaded. The Dropouts are gorgeous.

    Pictures here...­7/sets/72157622730651257/

    £200, collection in Camden Town. Its a good price for a beautiful lightweight frame.

    • Jim
  • Nice!

  • Nice frame, nice price.

  • :d

  • Bargain! Wish I was taller..

  • with or without cranks? -__________-

  • Looks mighty big for 58 c-c ST ...

  • it does, looks more like 60 or 61cm

  • good point, had a muddle up, its a 60!!!

    Amended with apologies.

  • Oh good, means i can't wish i was buying it.

  • It is indeed a good price. If only it were 2cm bigger, I would probably buy it and make it fit.

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            Oops! Looks like you followed a bad link. 

    link doesnt work for me.

  • It is indeed a good price. If only it were 2cm bigger, I would probably buy it and make it fit.

    use shorter cranks

  • It would be longer cranks. For a lugged frame I ideally need a 64cm. I am 6'5".

  • really not having a good day, have fixed the link too.

    [also, here it is...­7/sets/72157622730651257/]

  • Forgot to mention, this Martin Ashfield dude, did a bit of reading on him, looks like he is one of the mechanics at British Cycling. Still has a shop (google him), was gonna give him a call to ask about the frame but not really much point now!

    Position: Mechanic
    Born: 24 November 1951
    From: Newport
    **The former Cwmcarn Paragon rider and Risca bike shop owner helps keep the entire British Cycling on the road or track.
    Ashfield is one of Team GB's team of expert mechanics that ensures the machines of the road racers, track cyclists and mountain bikers run smoothly.­/cycling/7533548.stm

    He even has a race named after him!­e/BC/roa/EventReports2008/20080330_marty­n_ashfield_rr.asp

  • corr

  • corr?

  • corr?

    meaning nice, it's that sound sid james would have made as barbara windsor walked past

  • Nice. Zeus dropouts are my fav....

  • How has this not sold yet?!

  • How has this not sold yet?!

    'cos its a funny size.

  • 'cos its a funny size.

    funny how?

  • 60x56.
    Long legs and short torso/arms combo needed. Prolly some one around 6'2" at a guesstimate. Id snap it up if it were a bit smaller in the ST...


For Sale: Martyn Ashfield 531c Track Frame

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