For Sale: Not for sale! Free Roberto Bicicletas stickers!

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  • I think I want that T Shirt in the window.
    Is this in the States?

  • No, it's a shop in São Paulo called Veganpride

  • Love you Joe.

    Save one for me if you can Joe.

    Yup, I'll stick them in my bag... Remind me next time I see you guys...

  • arrived yesterday at work....
    cheers mate!
    its gorgeous!!

  • where can i buy some of these?

  • Got mine today... Tanx Roberto B...!

  • Awesome!! Thanks! ImI

  • Got mine as well. Great design.
    Muito obrigado!

  • Thanks Roberto. Stickers look amazing!

  • Mine still happily sits on the back of my ipod. Very strong stickers, the paint hasnt rubbed off at all.

  • any left?

  • I stripped my polo bike of paint a few months ago. left all the stickers on assuming the nitromors would do it's job as well on stickers as paint. It did. On every sticker BUT Roberto's. When I'd finally cleaned all the nitromors off and could pick at the sticker (which had turned white) there was a perfect blue band on the top tube of my bike where the sticker had been. Unfortunately perfectly covering the on-one logo (which I had put the sticker on to cover). Grrrr!

  • I still have Em and Dwayne's in my bag... Remind me to hand them over next time I see you guys...

  • I think I have a few left as well. But I'm hoarding them. Roberto gave strict instructions to only give them to cool people.

  • (insert "why'd he give them to you" joke here)

  • mines still sitting on my desk... waiting for a good place to put it

  • horatio, and teeslain... i used to have one of these stickers on my work bike , i bought stuff off rob and he sent me one, if either of you have spare id love a new one the old one is a knackered now :)

  • Hello hello! Yes, I still have some stickers left! PM me with your address - before oct 25th - and keep an eye on your mailbox! :)

  • I've got the big red/yellow one on my toolbox. The small black/white one might go on my bike, if I ever clean it.

  • who can resist the offer of stickers. i'm interested if there are some going spare. pm sent

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For Sale: Not for sale! Free Roberto Bicicletas stickers!

Posted by Avatar for Roberto @Roberto