• OK here goes: One last attempt at starting ONE thread for London CM.

  • Is CM any good? A mate keeps trying to persuade me to go but I haven't actually turned up yet...

  • Good trackstanding practice. Good for looking at bikes, nice, beaterish, wierd and wonderful. Some people are extremely sociable so its a nice way to ride and chat to people, a bit like the way that is normal to dutch people.

    It depends on what you expect. I always enjoy it, some people here HATE it, and will either ignore this thread or attempt to derail it.

    If you came along and hated it, you could ride off into the sunset whenever you fancied it. It sort of falls apart around 8.30 or 9 anyway. Apparently there's some talk that people end up at the Foundry for a pint, but I've never been there for that.

  • I've been on one before and it was really fun.
    Do a lot of them fluctuate in size? I could imagine a poorly attended critical mass wouldn't really work properly.

  • Yes, I imagine they do vary somewhat, but not so much that it'd affect the ability of the Mass to stay together I don't think. After all,

  • Sounds like a laugh. Will try to make it to the next, especially if there's a meet before/during/after

  • Yep, there's a 'stone circle' (a sort of circular sculptural feature) that serves as a meeting point for any waifs and strays from here just east of underneath Waterloo Bridge.

    *m.f. you coming?

  • :( i'm in cornwall this month.

  • I have been saying I need to get to one of these... yet I never get round to it. I might try and come to this one, weather permitting, of course!

  • Damo have fun.

    mc_nebula ... Rain on CM is fine, as it's less wet. The clouds know it's us.

  • Defo down for Friday, McChumps.

  • Yea, perhaps... but I live out in Uxbridge at the moment... Also, I will be doing it on my way home for the weekend... So, I will have big bag and then have an hour of train journey ahead of me...

    Rather not sit on a train for an hour soaking wet... eh?

  • Im gonna be there friday on my new bike..
    Look out for the kid on a red donohue, cycling next to a fool on a fuju track :)

  • I haven't been to a mass in ages. It may be time to change that.

  • Whizz along!

  • I wont come unless i have a brake....someone sell me one...

  • red donohue, check.

    mc_neb OK I'll have a word Thor and see if He can take the night off.

    Crispy_gloves, still never met you have I?!

    MR Object it'd be an honour to [st]roll[/st] crawl with you, man.

    I hope to Jah that the fella with the roots sound system will be there this month.

  • @bubblewrap R U Sirius?

  • Been an age Skully, though it's likely for CM that I'd be on the little bike (I just can't resist a little south bank action on the way there).

  • @bubblewrap R U Sirius?

    No i am not!
    Its also my birthday on friday so WOO birthday critical mass!
    Skully, what are you riding? i will keep an eye out for you!

  • Crispy_gloves, still never met you have I?!

    Think you nipped out for a fag when I was buying a Twin Peaks boxset off shoot_teh_breeze, but otherwise nah

  • Haha twin peaks, old school.

    @bubblewrap, probably be on either of these, yeah say hi!

  • ONE thread for Critical Mass? Are you the organiser? ;P

  • No I'm the thread starter! I get sick of so many threads, I tried to start this last month but it got wiped by the backupgate fiasco.

  • I will look out fo you skully!
    I hope i can get a brake and pedals by friday =[

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Critical Mass London: last friday of the month South Bank by National Theatre, 6.30pm

Posted by Avatar for Skülly @Skülly