• Potentially shipping a bike box (with bike inside) to Germany from U.K. - I've got a quote from Parcel Monkey (£70) which seems reasonable with a 2-3 day transit time.

    Has anyone used this service before?

  • Potentially shipping a bike box (wheels inside) to Ireland from U.K. - any suggestions forum users ?cheers cow

  • I need to send over a bike from London to a friend who lives in Rotterdam.
    Any suggestions please on how to do it best? Any companies that’d take it responsibly?
    It’s a carbon road bike so needs to be safe during transport. I’ve thought about sending it over via ferry but would prefer a door-to-door option for various reasons.

  • Has anyone got recent experience of shipping a bit from Australia back to the UK? Got a bike I’ve been hoping to repatriate, but some of quotes I’ve been getting have been close to the value of the bike! Also, will I need to pay some kind of VAT on it?

  • I've just had my bike shipped 2000 miles.

    I used Parcel Hero but it was carried by TNT, you can track it the whole way.

    It was packed in a large triple-layer cardboard box from Send Bike on Amazon, pedals off, bars turned, front wheel off. cardboard was wedged down the sides and bubble wrap protected the parts. It arrived with damaged mudguards, bent handlebars and a buckled wheel. I paid €15 to true the wheel and the bent bars I can live with, but the force needed to bend handle bars must be pretty big, like maybe 300 pounds in weight stacked on top of the box.

    Cost me £120 to ship. I can't get a bike as good as mine where I am and to get a UK bike shipped over would cost 40% of the cost of the ike in customs fees so I'm pretty happy. I just wish I'd paid £70 to carry the bike with me on Jet2 with much less chance of damage.

    If you choose to do it I don't reckon any amount of packing would protect it fully from the way it's handled.

  • Need a bike sending from US > London. US side has said bike flights are charging $900 for customs / charges / taxes and fee’s.. wtf. The actual sending would be about $350 full insured bike worth $2000 anyone have any experience using a good company not going to charge a fortune? Paging Americans @JB @Eeyorecore

  • Don't use Bike Flights. I cannot fathom why anyone is still using Bike Flights.

    Try Ship Bikes. They use FedEx. I have used them plenty of times to send wheels and frames around the country. You'll need to contact them for an international quote, but it'll be cheaper than Bike Flights for the actual shipping and also - they don't charge you taxes up front.

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Sending / Posting / Shipping a bike to/from abroad / overseas by post / courier

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