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  • All,

    I need to send a bike to Dublin but I can't seem to find anything under about £80.

    Has anyone got any good value recommendations on an international courier please?


  • I need to send a Bike to France and can only find quotes of £380+

    The box is 150cm x 23cm x 80cm and will probably weight around 10kg

    Anyone got any ideas of who to use for a reasonable price?

  • Charge £380, book a cheap flight ticket and get a complimentary holiday?

    ParcelMonkey quotes me £80 for it though, picked up in UK that is

  • The buyer said ride it there and fly home. I’d be happy to if I had the time.

    I’ll give parcelmonkey a go.

  • What did you end paying if you don't mind me asking? I won a bike on Ebay but it's in the UK and I need to organise a courier.

  • Does anyone have any ideas for posting a bike from UK to Germany? It’s 115x75x35cm and 16kg.

  • I've never found a better deal than on parcelmonkey, so check there?

    But box it up properly, it'll be handled roughly to say the least

  • If got a quote from DHL for £55. I’ve sent that to the buyer. He wanted to manage to get it for £250 all in so I’ll take the £5 hit.

  • Are you the seller? If so insure it properly and make the buyer pay for it, or at least split the cost. Anything can happen during transit so make sure you photograph the frame before you pack and also take a few shots of how you packed it so you got proof in case you need to make a claim.

    Don't forget that plastic thing you stick in the fork and seat stays

    I've posted an Apple cinema display that got damaged in transit. Luckily just a ding so it still worked fine, but the shipping company had zero interest in paying out

  • New one for me-bought a bike as collection only on eBay, had agreed with seller that courier would collect/box based on Paisley Freight website which gave the impression they give this service.

    Having gone through checkout they now say they send the box the day before collection, which isn't the same thing.

    What's my other options? Shiply?

  • I’m in a similar position but with a set of boxed speakers and loose stands currently situated in London. Were also offered as collection only but seller happy to have courier collect. I left it that we’d wait til current situation was resolved but that was rather naively 3wks ago when we thought this was only going to last 3 weeks..... Be interested to hear who you end up using.

  • Does anyone shipped a bike abroad? Europe particularly? Whats are the company that still doing service during this situation.

    Best regard

  • Safe g

    Do they need a particular size of a box?

  • I am just boxing a Frame up to ship to California, any advice as to who to use?


  • Parcel2go or UPS directly

  • I am looking at buying a bike On eBay that is collection only. How would on go about getting this picked up boxed an shipped?

    Was looking at https://send.dhlparcel.co.uk/

    But someone would still have to collect and pack it

  • I think you'd probably have to convince the seller to box the bike up, or find someone local to do it for you.

  • Looking at buying something from Holland with lithium batteries. Which courier will (is insured to) deliver this?

  • People that have used UPS, have you had to buy third party insurance? Seems like they will only cover up to $100, regardless of declared value.

  • I think insurance is a murky field if you get it from the shipping company. I had an Apple cinema screen broken in a DHL shipping but as the box "didn't show enough signs of exterior force" my claim was denied. I went through a 3rd party service similar to Parcelmonkey as well (not them though) which made things even harder

  • Seems like such an obvious thing that people would want but I can't find any reputable shipping service that will insure a €500+ value package, asides from opening a FedEx Business account.

  • I think it’s a tricky business, very easy to make fake claims so it might not be that lucrative

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Sending / Posting / Shipping a bike to/from abroad / overseas by post / courier

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