Stainless steel chainrings

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  • What does the panel think about a 3/32" stainless ring in place of a 1/8" alloy ring for small sizes? It is a 1/8" chain and sprocket so it might be marginally noisier. Unfortunately no-one seems to make 1/8" stainless steel rings.

  • It'll be fine. I ran that combo for about 5,000m on my old pug and it was quiet.

    Hubjub sell a Surly ring here. Also Fyximatosis branded rings exist, they might even be 1/8".

    I'm going to try an alloy Goldtec chainring when this Campag's dead. They can be flipped – which is neat.


    Found these on ebay, seem good quality and decent price.
    Should last forever
    Apologies for the dredging.

  • They look good, would be good to know which steel they’re made of. Let us know how they do if you get one.

  • Found this company too, these are made in uk, and also do a super thick 3mm version too, chainring for life.­rings-219-c.asp

  • Cheers for posting that.

    Chainring for me and some soap for Mrs m_v's crimbo on the way!

  • Which ones are you getting? And let me know what they are like esp the finish. I think I deserve to treat myself too.

  • A 3mm 46t 144bcd ring and the Orange and lavender soaps.

    Such a weird combination of things!

  • Cheers ... chainring is gonna be beast! I know someone that uses on for cyclocross

  • They look interesting!

  • I have one of those eBay track rings to fit. I can’t really comment on roundness until it’s in use ... but it looks to be good quality.

  • Does anyone know where these ebay rings came from?

  • I don’t. The same seller has had them available for a few years I think. There is a post on TT Forum offering them for sale.

    The cogs look good too.

  • I asked him. He says he has them made. Suggested to him there'd also be a small market for 130BCD but possibly bigger than for 144?

  • Got my Bikepunx chainring in this morning. I'd exchanged a few emails with Michaela as they were out of stock of the 46t 144bcd 3mm that I ordered but they were really great and got a batch made super quickly.

    I was going to wait till spring to fit it but that its looks bloody indestructible so I think I'll chuck it on first chance I get.

    Nice eco friendly packaging on everything too.

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    • D3A59FF8-07A0-4CCF-B72D-B8C3B090A951.jpeg
  • Menacing looking teeth on that, bit less relief/rounding on the tips of the teeth than most rings have?

  • I'd agree. Maybe they used their own sprocket profile formula.

  • Menacing looking teeth on that,

    Indeed! @gbj_tester - what do you reckon?

  • what do you reckon?

    Most designs have much more flank relief than that, but as long as there's enough, clearance is clearance. This is what "full profile" looks like on a bigger chainring

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  • And here's the same tooth count with a simplified profile which has more relief at the top of the teeth, so the theoretical roller engagement point is moved from the tip to about 80% down the flank

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    • Chainring__simple.jpg
  • Well I didn’t get around to fitting it yesterday so can’t comment on how it runs yet.

    Fuller profile would retain the chain better if that were an issue (eg 1x drivetrain) I think?

    Drawbacks? Slightly more friction from earlier engagement/later release of the chain rollers?

  • Done a couple rides on my Bikepunx chainring now and can't say it runs noticeably rougher than the Miche it replaced.

    Probably not as smooth as a Dura Ace but then again, last time I used that it was summer, I had a nice fresh chain on and I didn't take the bike it was fitted to out in the wet.

    I noticed my chain was really pretty slack* when I got back from my ride today so tried pushing it off the ring just out of curiosity and couldn't so maybe there are benefits to the 'menacing' tooth profile.

    *I'm sure I've stopped mid ride to sort my chain tension when its been that loose before as I've felt what I thought to be the chain sort of catching on the top of teeth. Didn't feel that at all today.

  • I was hoping to pull the trigger on the 'menacing' teeth ring over Xmas, but got refurloughed so thought I should hold off.
    The noise doesn't bother me but worried that the ring especially being steel with menacing teeth will adversely effect life span of the chain.

  • I think it will not. Chain life is determined by wear on the inner surfaces (pin/bushing wear). Wear on the rollers which bear against the chain ring and the exterior of the bushing (or bushingless surface) is irrelevant for life although can become noisy. I do not think that tooth profile can impact on the inner surface wear although I suppose it might increase roller wear?

    On the other hand, we know chains wear rapidly to 'match' a worn chain ring or sprocket and vice versa, a worn chain will wear the sprocket and ring. A harder wearing chainring should theoretically take longer to become worn.

  • Interesting..ill be sure to stick new chian on and hope it lasts. Itll be for the commuter.. so all weathers and poor cleaning schedule.

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Stainless steel chainrings

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