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  • i got a test unit for review off these guys

    and did a head to head with the Hope Vision 1 LED Front Light, because it is probably it's nearest rival.

    it's well made, feels sturdy, yet is light enough to attach to a helmet.
    only takes 2 AA's. you do have to buy the handlebar mount seperately though.

    all the pics were taken from the same range, focusing on the same spot.
    first pic is the hope in the dimmest mode
    second pic is the Hope in high.
    third pic, the Fenix in dim.
    the fourth, the Fenix in high.
    the fith, against a wall, Fenix on the left Hope on the right (dim mode)
    the sixth, Fenix on the left, Hope on the right (high mode)

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  • Handy resource, especially if the title gets edited ;)

  • The beam pattern for the Fenix is almost identical to those cheap Romisens. Floodier than the Hope, but less coverage in the spot.

    I use a Romisen on my helmet for fast descents, or twisty sections, but otherwise switch it off.

    I quite like running the Hope on medium and the Romisen on low for long-burn-time 'normal' rides (both bar mounted), as the extra bit of flood from the torch is nice to have in the immediate foreground. The same thing applies at higher speed (or if I'm on my own and getting scared), running the Hope on high, and the Romisen on high too.

    I never use the Hope on max, as it doesn't add much to high, but reduces the burn time from 4hrs to 3hrs.

    It's also reassuring to know you've got a second beam going if you suspect the Hope's batteries are running low - because they just cut out completely without warning.


  • it's hip to be square

  • Sweet nice one murts, may just get that fenix for next seasons TNRC.

  • What are the run times murtle?

  • there are run times on the website.
    will have to wait and see how correct they are. too early to tell yet.
    the guy is also thinking of doing a good price on a group buy.

    half the price
    half the weight
    half the batteries

  • the guy is also thinking of doing a good price on a group buy.

    Count me in ... I feel a list coming on.

    1. arnold gostron (provided can do either 15% discount OR free bikemount).
  • fenix comes with several flashing modes too which is nice, discount on group buy might tempt me.

  • how can this

    be the same light as this

    i took the first shot, the beam pattern is totally different. as you can see.

  • ....the flashing mode should carry a health warning - it's epileptic!

  • it is.

  • i'm just sorting out now how the LFGSS offer will work - summary though - It'll be L2D, LD20 or TK11 plus a free mount.

    (Arnold, Dylan your wish has been granted).

  • In for a group buy on these, I may even take two if the price is made even more appealing.

  • they are already half the price of Hopes

  • Excellent review Murts.

  • coming from you, that's great :)

  • Oh the price is already very good, I would definitely take one, but as soon as someone mentioned a group buy and further discounts my ears pricked up ;)

  • tightarse :)

    you'll get a free mount worth a tenner

  • @murtleflaps

    Tbf, bumfluff has way more style. I'd pay more attention to him than to me.

    Weird though that we agreed on something. ;)

  • Good review.
    I'm in for a group buy

  • ok, we have a code, to be used when ordering....if we get some numbers up.

    it'll be a free mount worth 8.00


    which is actually very sturdy.

  • more detail of the bits of kit in the offer:

    http://thephotonshop.co.uk/page22.htm - LD20
    or http://thephotonshop.co.uk/page23.htm - L2D
    or http://thephotonshop.co.uk/page37.htm - TK11


    standard and R2 versions of the TK11 will be included in the offer.

    Note: Murtle tested the 'smooth for enhanced throw' reflector on the LD20.
    Rather than the orange peel for enhanced spill.

    the L2D is 'softer' with more spill by default.
    the LD20 with orange peel is apparently 'between the two' - more like the Hope pattern of output but more[tm].

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Fenix LD20 review

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