Spotted In Norwich

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  • UEA- Saw a Mash Bolt locked up outside a hipster looking coffee shop near the city the other day, surely the owner must be in here!

  • Green and white, deep carbon rims, outside Kofra on Earlham Road opposite the Cathedral? If so, that's one of @12ounce's friends - met him in the Dandy a few weeks ago, but have forgotten his name!

  • I ride erryday, but clearly we don't cross paths :-)

    Maybe 'Spotted on Strava' should become a thing.

  • Ha, if that catches on I'll be totally off the grid. It's bad enough not knowing how far/where I've cycled, let alone having existential crises as a result of not being recognised as a person without it!

  • Otto i think Kieran said

    @Redmax i ride a red & white orbit frame with a stupid yellow and pink front wheel, feel free to shout abuse then tell me to do a skid, ill oblige, FIXIE LIFE

  • Ah yeah, Otto, that's the one!

    a stupid yellow and pink front wheel

    Woah, woah woah, you can't just drop that in there without a pic!

  • a hipster looking coffee shop near the city

    There's more than one?

  • There's too many to be able to differentiate?

    ftfy :)

  • Do you go to one that I've "probably never heard of"?

  • But, do you track your KOM's?

  • Do you go to one that I've "probably never heard of"?

    That's closed now and re opened down the road near that new French Tisane Bar that you've not heard of...

  • I sit at the top of the climb and make a little crown out of sticks. If anyone else challenges me for it, then we do hill reps and last man standing takes it. If I'm unchallenged, then it's officially my KOM. I've got hundreds.

  • @BareNecessities

    Yeah, "the one you've probably never heard of" went downhill after everybody became aware that they hand't heard of it. Not knowing about things is so mainstream.

  • He's got hundreds at home, but hasn't had the opportunity to use any yet.

  • Is it wrong that I'm picturing this??

  • Honestly you don't want to, it makes me throw up but its fun and i no longer have any black paint

  • I'm still wondering how he simultaneously sits at the top of several hundred Norfolk KOMs.

  • I got two with absolutely zero effort, think it may have been a glitch in the Matrix..

  • Amazing what you can do with a strong tailwind....

  • Haha, I think was more like someone having cocked up logging it on Strava and I happened to get lucky!

  • yeah i saw the green and white mash go flying pass me when driving around in my van, had a panic i hadn't locked the house, need to use mine more but my beat up steel is just easier to ride to work and leave locked up.

    @thross loving your version on strava using a wooden stick crown. i wish it was true

  • yes this one (not mash bolt my bad) - proper head turner of a bike

    yeah if you see me on my Vig then shout DAS and I'll oblige

  • I'm still riding!
    No one ever sees me, though, I'm like Secret Squirrel.

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Spotted In Norwich

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