• Hey everyone,

    Ive a few frames for sale. Cant keep them, urgently need cash to start up new business. The Look frames are brand new, ex-display frames, never been ridden, or anything. Kona frames are mixed (new and used, but if used, still in very good condition). Sensible offers welcome!

    Look 586 small: £850 (Retails for £1499)

    Look 586 HM Origin Frame+Fork 08 Look 586 HM Monobloc Carbon FramesetWith the 586, Look offers a single-shell frame with flowing and elegant lines. A pioneer in the technology of single-shell carbon frames, we have always proposed single-shell frames with an innovating design that Triathletes are fond of. Our engineers have designed a frame both aerodynamic and very lightweight without endangering the frame's overall rigidity. Owing to the E-POST R 32, the 586 becomes a frame dedicated to triathlons. This specific model allows making up an angle of 76° on a road frame. Top Features of the Look 586 HM Monobloc Carbon Frameset VHM (Very High Modulus), forged carbon HM with Nanotechnology Frame with uncut seat tube - 940g(S) HSC6 fork - 340g Integrated 'E-Post' Supplied with 3 sets of elastomer blocks (grey/soft red/med black/hard
    Look 566 Origin 09 small: £700 (Retails for £2099 with sram rival)
    The all new Look 566 has been designed with one purpose in mind - comfort over long fast distances, and looks like sure to become a favourite amongst sportive riders wantin a classy high performance frameset.
    The comfort-specific design elements begin with the frame geometry, which combines a slightly taller head tube than their standard geometry with a slightly shorter sloping top tube. This results in an ideal position for those cyclists planning to ride longer distances - but the position is not over adjusted to the extent that it discouraged fast pace riding.
    The monocoque frame is constructed from High Modulus carbon that is light in weight but not over stiff vertically. The top tube is uniquely shaped with a wide/flat profile to enhance comfort, while the "X Design" chain stays are twisted to ensure that they do not flex laterally near the bottom bracket when under maximum pedal load, but are shaped the opposite way round nearer to the centre of the stay to offer some vertical compliance - similar shaping is then applied to the seat stays.
    The 566 also uses an all new fork - weighing in at just 350 g uncut, the 100% carbon single-piece 566 Comfort Fork meets the new Standard EN 14781 safety test requirement (front impact of 144 joules). The shape of the fork is tuned to increase comfort and stability on the bike : the head of the fork is oversized to profile strength and stiffness, while the cross section decreases down the legs to provide a good level of flexibility. The fork also features the Look patented integrated conical carbon crown.

    Kona Major Jake 52cm: £250


    Kona Exponent 56cm: £120

    Kona Zing Deluxe 56cm: £300
    Kona Dew Deluxe: £100
    Kona Cinder Cone 22": £80
    For the Look frames, I would have SRAM FORCE groupsets for a very reasonable price too...
    If interested please e-mail me.

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  • Right, lowered the prices...

    Look 566 Small £600

    Look 586 Small £700

    Kona Major Jake 52cm: £200

    Kona Exponent 56cm: £80

    Kona Zing Deluxe 56cm: £200

    Kona Dew Deluxe 54cm: £80

    Kona Cinder Cone 22": £60

    Please, I really need some cash...

  • Nice Look frames! Must not buy! Resist!

  • Is the Exponent still available?

  • I`ve got the Zing Deluxe, Cinder Cone and the Exponent frame left. You can find them on eBay if interested.



  • if i win the ebay acutaion on the cinder cone can you meet me in central london somewhere to pick it up?

  • yes, that`s not a problem.

    if i win the ebay acutaion on the cinder cone can you meet me in central london somewhere to pick it up?

  • longshot but is the look 586 still available?

  • 2009...

  • Yes, but you need a delorean and to be able to hit 88 mph

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For Sale: Look 586, Look 566, plus loads of Kona frames

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