Welcome To Norwich, A Fine City {nvs}

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  • Perhaps we could get this on spoke cards?

  • Got excited there that King George had a Norwich-made bike, but it looks like they were made in Coventry. Norwich must've been a dealership. Love that sign, though. I wonder what's at 20A now?

  • Slaters or millets!

  • Perhaps we could get this on spoke cards?

    I could probably edit it so i says NVS and advertises the group. Just need a better pic

  • Like the idea, but if it's edited then it could be anything, and is essentially just a picture of a lady.

    If you have ninja Photoshop skills you could knock up some spokecards. That'd be cool.

  • What do we want on the spoke cards?

  • Is there anything in altering the Norwich crest?

  • I recon we can do something. Leave it with me.

  • The more the merrier. I have 64 spokes...

    Well, actually I have five wheelsets, so...

  • I have 32 on the rear 22 on the front. 72 on the bmx, and a Specialized Rockhopper in the works, plus loads a wheels lying around....

  • 32 on fixed, front and rear, 32 MTB, front and rear, 32, hybrid front and rear, 36 on tourer, front and rear, 32 on old racing set, front and rear. Five times two times two equals 320 spokes.

  • Cancel that, maths fail. I'm going to bed.

  • Hahaha, yah I just got in and flaked on the sofa. Put my ipod on and drifted...

    Nice to meet you last night Sam91. Will have to get more proper rides up and running soon.

    Glad you liked Sloughbottom park too Sparky. Am gonna get a racing BMX in the summer, maybe a 24" cruiser/racer. Maybe like this one...

  • This bike is bomb proof, has got some serious stuff on it, and is BMX spec. Would be ideal for racing + only about $450! Fit bike co are a really good BMX brand too...

  • nice meeting most of u last night. I must be seriosuly unfit cos im knackered hahaha. need to get out on more rides!

  • Just got in from 3 hours in Thetford Forest. Glad I got up and out and didn't sulk around the house. Just got in, showered and warm, but have to head into the city in the rain. Arse.

  • nice meeting most of u last night.

    Most of us? Hahaha. Who didn't you like then?!?!

  • Most of us? Hahaha. Who didn't you like then?!?!

    oh i thoguth there were more in nvs?? i like all of you haah i jsut thoguht there were more cos not everyone came on the ride did they?

  • There are 9 or 10 of us now, but I think the most we've had on a Friday night ride was 8. There'll be more when the weather improves no doubt.

  • I didn't come along! But I haven't actually been for a group ride yet. Just sorting a friend out with a bike at the moment. Anyone fancy a ride the weekend after next?

  • Yup... How's the bike dude, was good to meet you both earlier. A few of us will bike to Dereham or some shit if yah up for biking back with us? +nly 40 odd miles, or we can all hook up a week day countryside ride...

  • bikes sweet mate. Honestly Aaron is chuffed that he got such a deal on it! Just ordered a few more bits (bb, stem, bars) then next weekend (hopefully) the bike should be good to go.

    Thanks again mate, was nice meeting you too.

  • Sweet, no probs. Good to get everyone networking. You know its worth checking out the NNVS for sale board too as bits n bobs come up from time to time... Just built some more polo mallets. Yours for 10 pound a piece if ya interested. All brand new shit on em too... Gonna post a polo thread real soon...

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Welcome To Norwich, A Fine City {nvs}

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