Welcome To Norwich, A Fine City {nvs}

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  • Welcome to the Norwich Velo Sport Forum and group. Please feel free to join us. Whether you are a local, student or just visiting our Fine City, you can find out what's going down in and around East Anglia. Please join us here.

    We generally have a reglar ride every Friday night. Meetings take place at The Forum (Library), Millenium Plain, Norwich from 7.00pm them we head of for a 20+ mile jaunt followed by beer and general pissing about.

    Come and Play. Never Stop Pedaling. NVS.

  • Yeah, come out. We need more people. And bring beer.

  • Shouts out to "slowstephen". The latest member to the NVS ranks. Welcome. Hopefully see you friday...

  • Sweet. I'll deffiently be along one night in future, can't do tomorrow thought as i've already got a night on the beers.

  • We've been hit hard recently. The bad weather didn't help, then one of us broke a frame, then another had one stolen. Personally I'm expecting to be hit by lightning on the way home.

    Don't let that put you off, though. Come out, it's usually good fun.

  • Yeah the weather has been truely shit recently, fucking a holes nicking bikes, deserve everything they get! I've been thinking for a while if there's fixed riders around here so well up for a good night, my rides almost sorted (mechinically) just need new cranks and bb, still might look shit but least it will be sound. I'm going to do 40 miles on it tomorrow!

  • ^with us?

  • No thats just my commute to and from work, didn't today though as i've got a fucking eye infection. Oh joy!

  • OOoooooohhhhhhh, nasty. Well heal up soon and come join us.

  • Will do mate cheers. Got some eye drops that I've got to put in every 4 hours = pain in the ass.

    Hopefully me and the girlfriend are moving into the city soon so I will be down with these rides whenever.


    hope y'all got something nice!

  • ... And a Happy New Year

    Ride tonight?

  • Happy new year boys,
    i would do but after that crash i need to get an inner tube and new front tyre.

    anyone got an old 700 x 23 or 25 they could sell cheap?

  • Hello - I was just back in Narge for NY, so just a quick heads-up to anyone needing to stock-up on inner tubes: they're all half-price (2.50) downstairs in Pilch.

    Woo and indeed hoo.

  • hey there,

    Umm, I'm from and ride in Norwich, Think I've probably seen some of you, or your bikes around in town.

    How do?

  • Hi, when are you coming to play. Just done 20m and am sitting in McD's drinking coffee. Am frickin cold! Lol.

  • Meters that is

  • I'm in bristol at the moment, but when i'm back i'll pop out and find you all at some point, any weekly rides etc?

  • There's a Friday ride with varying degrees of success. I prefer road rides, others like trick trips to car parks, most prefer to sit on their arse and not come out at all.

    We had a nice spin out in the country a few weeks back, I'm sure there'll be loads more of that when the weather cheers up. I'm still out for rides some evenings, but it's often ad hoc and last minute. Wednesday I'll be out, if anyone's in?


  • A week on thursday I'm in or ever friday, saturday, sunday in a fortnight...

  • Yeah I have been a bit of a pussy recently. Couple of little tumbles in the snow & ice have left me feeling a bit battered & bruised. Left foot, left knee, right shoulder & upper arm, right hip all giving me gyp at the moment. The Ribble is most definitely the wrong tool in these conditions.

    Still, I'll definitely be back out once the current cold snap eases (I know, HTFU etc.)

  • cool beans, friday nights are a possibility, but most nights in the week i'm free, I'll be up for doing a bit of milage rtather than tricks etc.

    I'll have to see if I can get out wed night if anyone is around, where is the rendezvous?

  • Wednesday is just me so far - can meet you in the city? Or, I live UEA way, if that's easier.

  • Hey i'm a student from NUCA living and riding fixed in norwich. Would love to come out on one of your meet ups / rides one night. Still doing up my bike at the moment as my other was stolen but as soon as its done id be up for joining you!

  • Sweet. Join our group and get involved. The weather should be good soon. This is a good place to hook up people, rides, drinks and parts... Join us. NVS.

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Welcome To Norwich, A Fine City {nvs}

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