Servers fscked during upgrade

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  • so many important pm's...
    al gone...

  • [SIZE=5]ChainBreaker[/SIZE]

    we can find out who was the Millionth post again!!!!

    it'll be me again don't you worry

  • damn! why didn't i post in the current projects within the last 5 day? i could have had the chance to post it again.

  • i bought a really decent bike for really cheap. but with no pm proof, who will believe me?

  • What happens if someone donated in the last 5 days? They lose their money and don't get a star either?

  • Link to my profile? why?

    I missed reposting on names and faces by a day i think... Wouldve been fun reposting my baby and me again

    1. We've lost 5 days worth of everything

    Thank fuck for that. I 'came out' online on here on Tuesday. This means I'm no longer a bummer.

    You've cured me of gay!!!!


  • Life's not so bad if this sort of thing happens once in a while. Keeps us on our toes.

    The sun will still rise tomorrow and the world will keep turning. Praise be.

    For the record, I have no clue as to what any of your scribe means. All I know is that it sounds complicated enough to be believable.

  • Two decent pun treads lost..

  • i bought a really decent bike for really cheap. but with no pm proof, who will believe me?

    God tynan will be your witness.

  • Only page 3 of the thread in which Goldenballs made himself unpopular still exists in Google's cache:­RmykWHyoJ:­ad32087-3.html+goldenballs+pink+gay&cd=3­&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=uk&client=firefox-a

    Shame, that was a minor classic.

    He is now not banned, as he wasn't banned five days ago.

  • THat means the Pink posts are gone! thats a shame since that was funny as hell!

  • God tynan will be your witness.

    excellent. he's easily bribed with acouple of sacrifices.

  • I reckon it was a cunning ploy to rid of us those pesky bored teenagers who'd signed up during half term.

  • And leaves us bored people at work?

  • license to repost

    but if you can remember anything that anybody said that was really funny you could now say it and get mad propz

    plus all the dibs that you missed out on for being slow

    its like a second chance at true and lasting love.

    on a extra plus that thread favourite frames is gone :-)

    sorry if i missed something.

  • its like our own tv show, flashbackwards

    1. We've lost 5 days worth of everything

    ...and nothing of value was lost.

  • just think what we could do with this chance. we could stop the flaming, we could stop the bitchiness, we could stop laughing at poor builds, at poor comments, we could stop with the reposts, we may never need to post the dancing girls again. or the mummy.

  • all that stuff about the Large Hadron Collider is gone? All that stuff about the existence or otherwise of god?

    Bravo - £5 donated.

  • I've lost my precious posts!

    I don't think that's anything to worry about though ;)

  • I think noone said anything worthwhile anyway :p

  • Oh, yeah, never change a running system ...

  • Velocity Boy, backing up LFGSS, yesterday;

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Servers fscked during upgrade

Posted by Avatar for Velocio @Velocio