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  • I normally upload holiday stuff into a holiday folder for that holiday in Google Drive, then star and make the docs I need available off line.

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  • This option worked great, thanks!!

  • Glad it worked mate. As I said I'm sure this used to be easier - probably Google scraping more data from drive or somesuch 😂

  • Really fed up with my pixel screen being unresponsive when locked and tapped, so having to push the power button to unlock. Anyone else get and fix this?
    pretty shitty.

    P6 phone

  • Have the same issue on my Pixel 7, seems to have gotten worse this week.

  • Yeah I also have this on my Pixel 7 Pro

  • 7 as well? Christ

    my 6 does it.

  • Anyone with a pixel see a lag in webpages? Mine seems to sit doing nothing for a second or two and then load the page.

  • I'm pretty underwhelmed at my Pixel 6a experience so far, if I'm honest. Good camera and I kinda like that magic eraser thing, but the fingerprint recognition is cack, the screen does some weird shit when you unlock it (like it's a 70s TV warming up), the battery life is s0-so and the 'rapid' charging (once I'd bought a rapid charger because obviously you don't get one included with the phone) is about as rapid as my sprint. I'd say it's worth the money I got it for (£200 on offer at Curry's with an old phone trade-in), but had I paid full price I'd have been pissed off.

    Any redeeming features other users have noticed?

  • Not an issue on P6 Pro, not that it helps you. Or on ms_com's 6a that I am aware.

  • Mine occasionally does this. A bit of a shake generally wakes it up.

  • i turned off all the gesture shit on my pixel 6 as it was doing weird stuff like turning the screen on and pocket dialing people.
    the only one i have enabled is double tap power button for camera.

    if you find the animations slow, there's a way to speed them up in developer settings -­ed-up-animations-on-your-android-phone/

    i've got mine set to .5x as per the ^ tutorial

  • I've also turned off all the gesture stuff apart from the tap or lift to wake.

    The double tap the back to take a screenshot was really confusing me. Had no idea it was a thing and I just seemed to be taking random screenshots with no idea why.

  • After holding out for a while I finally caved and got the Pixel 7 Pro, my first flagship phone for god knows how long. If I'm honest I've been very unimpressed, apart from fingerprint issue, the face unlock is pretty hit and miss, the battery life is awful am not a heavy user but have to charge it every day, and the last update killed bluetooth so can't connect my phone to my car for auto android or music.

    The camera is decent but I rarely us some of the fancy features so a bit wasted on me. Think I'll be sticking with Xiaomi for my next phone.

  • Yeah, I'm thinking of going back to something Xiaomi/Redmi/Oppo or equivalent next time. There are just too many niggly annoyances with this, which I'm tolerating because I got a good deal, but am not hugely happy about.

  • am not a heavy user but have to charge it every day

    Not sure there has ever been a flagship phone that doesnt need to be charged every day.

  • Good to hear about turning all the gesture stuff off. Finally got my OH's Pixel 6 set up and there were a load of weird things like this.

    Also tapping the home screen where I'd expect shortcuts just randomly opened apps. Also took me ages to work out that you don't swipe up from the bottom, you swipe up from the middle.

  • Seems I'm not the only one bothered by their pixel then.
    Clearly a bug Google can't fix.

  • Fwiw I've had a clean and bug free experience with my 7 Pro. None of the above issues.

    Occasionally I have an issue in chrome where if I open a tab and revisit it later after using the search based browser it shows as blank so I need to close the tab and reopen. But I had that on the 5, too.

  • the gesture stuff my well have been fixed now, I turned off all that stuff after about a month of p6 ownership and never bothered turning it back on

  • I am pretty pleased with my 6a, there is just an odd lag on loading web pages. I guess I should probably turn Nord off to check it is not that (but I run that on everything else and don't see the lag)

  • The other annoying thing - which I think is an Android rather than a Pixel problem - is that you can't set the screen to never switch itself off. Half an hour of 'idle', then it's gone. Which is a pain when you're using it as a speedometer on Strava, for example. Anyone found a work around this, apart from remembering to do something with the screen every half an hour?

  • Use the app Caffeine You can set screen to be on indefinitely.

  • Amazing. Thank you.

  • Pretty sure there are apps that keep the screen on it indefinitely when in use for certain things, you wouldn't be able to watch a film otherwise and maps stays on, is there not an option in Strava settings? There's also a developer option to never turn the screen off when charging, in case you run it on a powerbank when it's a speedo.

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Android phones, apps and tablets

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