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  • In 2019, Action Fraud and UK Finance confirmed that they have never seen or heard of anybody having money stolen using RFID skimming on bank cards.

    Has that changed in the intervening years?

    Edit: Their US counterparts confirmed the same in 2019.

  • Partial success. Google pay + revolut on the phone worked once at the ticket barriers on the way in this morning, then failed to work on the exit so I had to dig the card out to swipe out. On the way home, the phone didn't work at all and neither did the card by itself. This weekend is going to involve lots of faffing to get everything working.

    On the plus side, I turned up at team gokarting night with a gear 360 and it actually worked - whole 15 minute race in 360 video. Now I just need to work out how to get it off the phone without the app crashing.

  • My headphones have just been shipped and there's not been any mention of a swap in reward.

  • Seems it's in EU land they've run out...

    Still not got my dispatch - submitted and approved on the 5th :(

  • Still waiting on dispatch for mine. Was approved 2 weeks ago

  • 700s arrived today having been notified yesterday. So they're still shipping the originals, certainly in the UK.

    They're already up for sale... XM4s inbound. 😬

  • 700's arrived for me just now. Looks like all the EU stock has been routed to the UK. Maybe it was too expensive to export. 😁

  • EE had good upgrade options so I now have a pixel 6, can confirm it's a big boy and the fingerprint reader is crap, otherwise seems OK though.

  • And also double input both thumbs or whatever digits you're using.

    Mine is absolutely fine now...

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  • Did that as part of the set up, still shit but maybe I've got dodgy prints, my hands are mostly dirty or damaged by cuts or dry skin.

  • I'm gonna put my thumb in about 12 times later (fnar). Other mild annoyances my previously preferred clock is now tiny because of this lovely hi res screen and WhatsApp is being a dick about transferring old media stuff.

  • Pixel 6 preorder Bose headphones have arrived, I've never had proper noise cancelling headphones (or actually headphones of this standard) before - they're pretty good! Fit my big head easy (you might struggle if you've got big ears though), sound great from my limited music playing so far & the noise cancelling is impressive!

  • On the lookout for a tablet around the £200 mark, what's the best out there right now? Decent display would be nice, mainly for watching sports stuff

  • Very happy with my Samsung Galaxy A7 10"

  • Latest Android 12L beta doesn't work with Google Pay on a Pixel 4a. That's annoying.
    GPay thinks I've installed a custom ROM

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  • Seems a bit shit that google pay being broken hasn't made it to the known issues list for that beta

  • Seems to be a "Play Protect" certificate issue where this device is now no longer on the list of secure devices. LOL.

  • Right, that's me not upgrading then.


  • And suddenly the certificate has appeared and I seem to be back in the game.

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  • Very few actual upsides to this update, as far as I can see. On a phone at least.

    Imma hang fire.

  • I'd agree. Nothing different that I can tell except the close all apps button on the carousel.

  • What’s the go to for cheap new android handset these days? For context I last bought a Xiaomi A1 so looking at around the £100 mark. Thanks!

  • around the £100 mark

    There's a couple of current Nokias if you want pure Android, and a couple of Samsungs if you can live with their UI. I find it a bit infantile visually, but not too annoying.

  • Pixel 6 screen protector recommendations that don't mess with the fingerprint scanner?

    Have already managed to put a slight scratch in the screen - seems much more easily scratched than my old galaxy s10....

  • Best budget Android in £200 to £250 range anyone? Better to get something like a new Moto G50 or a refurbed/used Galaxy S10 (both around £200)?

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Android phones, apps and tablets

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