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  • Yes, although you can get cheap knock off ones that aren't as good for their intended use but are fine for socket cleaning.

  • Wouldn't happen to have a link for said knock offs would you?

  • If you have a Morrisons nearby they do packs of 0.5mm brushes for £1.50 or so.

    Sainsburys and Tesco do cheap ones too.

    Crap for teeth, great for your phone.­uct/ProductDisplay?storeId=10151&product­Id=1188674

  • Great thank you.

    I'll go grab some after work.

  • It was the cable BTW.

  • So, is the Pixel 6 the one?

    My S8 is on its last legs; battery barely lasts the day, charging port doesn't work (so I have to use red hot wireless chargers constantly) & I'm fed up of getting glass shards in my thumb.

  • I'm still happy with my Pixel 3, but the P6 looks pretty good for it's price, plus you could probably sell off the headphones.

    I've updated to Android 12, but for some reason the Home section on the lock screen is giving me old devices (lights, speakers etc)

  • Pixel 6 is the first appealing phone since I got my 3, I'm generally still happy with it and it's still in one piece and surprising good condition, but get the feeling it's slowly dying, wireless charging stopped a couple of months ago, power button is all weird and registering double presses, even when it's left alone so had to turn off doing that for camera, battery is getting worse but OK, went on a bootloop spree the other day although has been better since managing to get it to do a security update.

  • Ah, fixed the thing, had to remove the old names, add the new ones

  • Pixel preorder deals are a bit too steep until this explodes completely, will keep an eye on all the shitty black Friday and Xmas ones though.

  • Currently have a iPhone 12 Pro. Have been waiting for this launch for a bit and was impressed enough to press fire on a pre order. It was this or the Samsung Fold 3. But I simply cannot cope with Samsungs Android implementation.

    Lucky enough to have 30% EE discount. My contract buy out for the 12 months remaining was £486, which I’ve funded with the sale of my iPhone for £586.
    Add the cheeky headphone offer, the same package I’m on currently is £5 less per month and I’m quids in.

    Can finally have my Home Screen as I want as opposed to having stuff on the top row by force.

    Now to pay £350 to have bloody android auto enabled on the car… 😫

  • Thinking it's time to update my pixel 2 to the 6pro.

    I'm wondering as Google seems to be finally trying to reach the top of the market whether they will do their usual black Friday fire sale prices or not. And will discounts be more than the Bose headphones in the preorder are worth?

    Really disappointed by the pro model colours, they're so bloody dull. We all know any business users will get the cheap models. Lifestyle users get the fancy pro versions

  • Have a pixel 5 and am a Google fanboi, but don't know if I could go back to slightly larger phone. Pixel 5 dims are perfect in my (small handed) opinion

  • I've been holding off for so long I have to commit to something - I did enjoy my Nexus4 which is why I'm back looking at Pixels. The S8 has been good too but I'm not a fan of all the bloatware Samsung force on you & they're constantly changing privacy settings (I assume to give them more access).

    I was actually thinking of the normal Pixel 6, not Pro. Pro seems quite big, I'm not sure if curved glass is just a gimmick & my photography skills probably aren't up to needing the better camera. Who knows though, hopefully some decent reviews come out before the preorder window closes.

  • I'd defo go regular over pro, cheaper and less huge, not missing out on too much.

  • But not yet an OS update will have to do.

  • I've been on a Huawei P20 Pro for 3 and a bit years, have just gone for the 6Pro. It's a fair wedge more than the regular and if I'm honest not sure it's entirely worth it, doubt I'll be pushing the camera to its limits but the screen size and refresh rate just about nudged it for me. Colours are a bit meh, went for the Cloudy White but doesn't really make a jot of difference as will live in a case anyway.

  • Also Pixel 5 is a great phone, which will no doubt drop a little in price when Pixel 6 comes out?

  • I do miss the days of Google making phones at reasonable price points, always felt like I got a bargain with the Nexus 4 for under £300 odd

  • You're right, that would have been the sensible thing to do, but I've been suckered in by the new and shiny thing and already pulled the trigger on the Pro.

    On the headphones offer, I got a 'free' pair of QC35s when I bought the Huawei a few years back and now getting another pair of Bose headphones with this. Just so happens that I lent my Dad the QC35s about a week ago and he's loving them, asked me to shop around and find him a pair of similar but not-so-spenny nice headphones. He'll be quite pleased when I tell him he can just keep them!

  • Yep, OnePlus went the same way, their first few phones were such good value.

  • Hmm, so P5 trade in gets you £210 off a P6 (more on eBay), and then you get free headphones "worth" £350... Seems pretty reasonable if you sell the headphones on for £150-200?

    I don't need a new phone and the upgrade appears to be minimal from P5 but seems you're a lot better off paying £200 net to upgrade than to shell out the full £600+ when your phone dies and becomes borderline worthless?

  • 6 to 6pro dimensions are so close as to seem almost irrelevant. I wanted the telephoto lens so there's that but battery life will be the biggest issue as always for a pixel so want to hear about that.
    Also not sure about the curved screen, how does it affect holding it and cases?

    Had a look at the trade in on my pixel 2, nope they won't take it. The pixel 2 XL get you £7 off, lolz.

    Google one subscriptions at the 2Tb level can get you a 10% Google store credit. For the sake of £8 a month I might try that, it should clear in 2 months and allow you to buy a case and the charging dock?

  • But then you'll miss the headphone offer which will have a resale value of at least £150 on eBay.

  • Wouldn't you be eligible for both?

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Android phones, apps and tablets

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