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  • I've been using an s9 with smashed screen for a year no, for that reason.

  • Anyone rooted and installed something like Lineage OS (bare bones debloated Android)?

    I did it recently and use open source Aurora store instead of Google Play (it uses a throwaway temporary Google account to download play store apps). Battery span has gone from 1 day to 2 days with frequent use. Makes you wonder...

  • I have used Lineage in the past, It was a few years ago i imagine it got better.

  • I am surprised that it isn't more popular than it is. I find it funny that most people (including me for many years) put up just fine with Google or Xiaomi or whoever running analytics software on your phone, with zero benefit to you, and running down the battery, just because it is a bit of a faff to spend a few hours rooting the phone and installing Lineage

  • Lineage is great. Fantastic, with and without Google Mobile Services installed. But only a limited set of devices are supported these days.

    There are other ROMs from other sources for other devices that are often good. Problem is you sometimes get oddities and typically they're only properly stable for a small set of older, popular devices.

  • I've used it a few times. It's not bad when it works, I had a few instances where there were bluetooth issues or similar. Didn't noticeably improve the battery life last time I tried it (which was the main reason I installed it).

    Don't know if it's still the case but I had quite a few apps (banking and the like) that refused to run because the device was rooted.

  • I've not done the root and custom ROM thing in years since phones got better and started doing all the stuff you used to have to root and use a custom ROM for, maybe Cyanogen or something on a galaxy S3.

  • I also played with Cyanogen years ago and agree that it was flaky. Lineage on the Xiaomi Mi 8 feels very finished. It runs well, everything appears to be working fine. I made sure I only flashed signature verified files and was very careful.

    Installed Aurora store which is an open source front end to Google Play which means you don't need Google analytics all over your system to install popular apps. You can use login with Google or use their temporary throwaway Google accounts to grab .apks.

    No way am I going back to the stock version.

  • Installed Aurora store which is an open source front end to Google Play which means you don't need Google analytics all over your system to install popular apps. You can use login with Google or use their temporary throwaway Google accounts to grab .apks.

    Another way to do this is just use pihole or nextdns I think

  • Anyone part of the OnePlus referral scheme?

    I'm looking at getting a new phone and if someone can get something out it, I am happy to help out.

  • I'm trying to manually copy / backup the contents of two of my old phones. One is Android 7 and pretty sure the other one is.

    For some reason when I plug them into my laptop the cable just charges and doesn't bring up the option of what to do.

    Am I missing something obvious? I'm sure I never had to do anything before.

    I've tried on both W10 and Ubuntu.

    Honestly it's confusing the fuck out of me.

  • Settings> dev options >USB settings

    Or something similar. Then change from charge only to data.

  • On your android device that is.

  • Cheers!
    Going to go and try now quickly as it's doing my fucking head in.

  • I've had this issue when the charging port had muck in it. It charged but didn't connect to a computer. Had to clean it out with a pin and it started working again.

    Also sometimes I find turning USB debugging on and off helps for some reason (you'll need to enable developer options). You may also be able to back up with ADB if it still isn't showing up as a drive.

  • Cheers.

    I tried toggling the options but it told me to go fuck myself as it was happy just charging.

  • Just odd both are doing it.

    I mean this little symbol means it's a data cable too right?

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  • Fuck it. Going to try cleaning the ports tomorrow and have a look for some other cables in case it's that.

    It's frustrating as I just want an SD card from one of them, but don't want to wipe a card without being sure I've got a backup to store away and never check again.

  • Unfortunately a cable having the USB symbol on it does not seem to make it a data cable these days, I use a lot of them and only about 15% of USB marked cables are actually data cables. Note that these generally come with cheap chinese phones

  • Cheers. I'll do some hunting!

  • What's the best way to clean out my charging port? Pixel 5 and I've already noticed I have to do the cable wangle to get it too charge.

  • It was the cable BTW.

  • The red one is perfect for USB-C

    Edit: And if a brush doesn't improve things 100%, then try dipping the brush in 5% Hydrogen Peroxide solution before scrubbing the socket and drying off with an air duster. Most of the shit that fills up charging sockets is organic.

  • These?;

    TEPE Interdental Brushes Red Original (0.5mm) / Simple and effective cleaning of interdental spaces / 1 x 8 brushes­ef=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_QCY6QJW2AJ87687­RRP40

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Android phones, apps and tablets

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