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  • Anybody interested on pixel 3? Always case NS screen protector. Upgraded to a pixel 5

  • Tricky one.

    My parents are a little older but I got them both Moto g whatevers around 5 plus years ago.

    Fortunately they mainly got it so are both now using more up to date Moto G whatevers.

    I have done a fair bit of support however, which I think is inevitable. It's a real shame that technology doesn't seem to consider older generations.

    I do think android is a good option if you're prepared to help as it's so customisable. Namely with:

    • Initial set up - I.e. just getting the phone up and running
    • customisation I.e. removing unwanted apps / putting apps on the homescreen etc / enlarging fonts / changing synch options

    I've found the cheap to mid range Motos very good for my parents and my mum particularly likes / appreciates the big screen.

  • Hi people. I'm currently using a huawei p20 pro that I did love but with a temperamental charging port and it's driving me mad.
    Time for a new phone. Iv got a budget of about £350, I dont mind getting it from eBay ect but I'm not interested in iPhones of any kind.
    What kind of recommendations do you have?

  • What kind of recommendations do you have?

    What kind of priorities do you have? Camera, display quality, screen size, battery life? Obviously if having the People's Liberation Army keep a backup of all your personal data is important, you'll want to stick with a Huawei...

  • To be honest I used to be super interested in keeping up to date with all the latest specs ect but I can't be bothered any more as its fast evolving.
    I'm just under the impression that anything with better specs that what I have is good enough for what I need.
    As for China aha I don't have anything of any interest to anyone anyway on my phone or at least I don't think I do 🤷🏼♂️
    I was looking at the oppo reno 4 pro but the amount of phones about is vast and I'm out of the loop.

  • I used to be super interested in keeping up to date with all the latest specs ect but I can't be bothered any more

    There's a Nokia for that 😀 Not always bleeding edge, but a safe bet. I'd be looking at the 8.3 as a reference point.

  • I have an Oppo Reno 2 and it seems good.

    Have you tried cleaning the charging port? My OnePlus had real issues with charging but using a pin to dig out all of the crap around the port fixed it.

  • Im sure iv tried cleaning it before but I'll give it another go. The charger pretty much just presses into the phone now and doesn't click in or stay in if that makes sense. Many a time I wake up and my phone's on 3% aha. I'll have a look at the Reno 2, cheers

  • Try the pin thing, I was 100% convinced my old phone's USB port was dead but it was just fluffy AF...

  • This chat reminded me to give my USB socket a clean as my phone has been disconnecting from Android auto recently.

    I use a teepee brush dipped in isopropanol. As soon as I started cleaning this popped up! Pretty smart!

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  • I got 5x USB C dust covers for 45p each on Ebay to avoid this happening all the time

  • Definitely makes sense. Just a shame my car doesn't support wireless Android auto otherwise would never need to use the USB C socket anyway!

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Android phones, apps and tablets

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