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  • You probably can.

    You can sideload the play store which will allow you to install most stuff. However, some apps hide themselves as incompatible so you need to find a copy of the APK and sideload that.

    Generally works but occasionally things don't play nicely.

  • Grabbed my Pixel Stand from home for the first time in months and it's died; won't charge the thing at all and the phone gets rather warm. Thankfully Google are replacing the thing.

  • yep, toolbox installs the playstore for you so you can install whatever you want. i have a few games i paid for on my phone now on my tablet

  • Cheers.

    Just need to weigh up 10" vs 8".

  • If you do get the 8 with the explicit intention of gaming check out this guy's reviews, he does a lot of emulation etc which tend to be taxing.

    TL;DR 10 is best, then 8 plus then 8. (i just have the 8 but i dont do any gaming really)­N2s­CiQ

  • After my aged LG G4 even lost a GPS along The Mall on Saturday,
    prompted by a mate who already owns one,
    I've bought a Motorola G 5G plus (64Gb) for £200, from Carphone Warehouse.
    I acknowledge that I am enriching the execrable Charles Dunstone,
    but, it will be with me tomorrow,
    and hopefully I don't even have to think about mobile phones for another 2 years.
    I'll pop a micro sd-card in it to allow for a myriad of podcasts and photos.

  • foolish to consider getting a stadia controller for my pixel 5 and using it to play vaguely serious pubg over 5g?

    asking for a friend

  • Cheers. In terms of gaming it's things like Catan, backgammon and risk - so either would be fine.

    I'm still going back and forth between the two. I guess I'm struggling to see how it's going to be used in the future as we're not going to be going on lots of flights or travelling about. When we do keeping children under wraps and sleeping is going to take priority over watching a film together.

    So although the £s isn't a great deal in the scheme of things, it seems a bit wasteful if it's not needed. Plus it's that pricing psycology of almost £50 vs almost £100. As well as ending up with something a bit bulky.

  • I settled on the normal 8, becuase for the price of the 8plus I got an 8 with a case and SD card

  • Fair point. What case did you get?

    I think the +1GB RAM and wireless charging appeals... mainly the wireless charging though as I think the main use might end up being a sort of living room media remote. Which was something I planned to do with my Nexus 7 until the wifi randomly broke.

    On a side rant, what is with the front camera being so shit?

  • I'm being offered the 'All new Fire HD 8 tablet' for £45,
    but 'Delivery 2-10 December'
    I'm guessing nobody yet knows if the toolbox will work on this version?

  • They have sold out then already! I got the Fire 10 ordered this morning.

    It seems that they are much the same but the 8 is better for films as its the same screen resolution as the 10. I got the 10 as a Kindle replacement, cooking app use and magazine reader.

    Sideloading the Google App store is pretty easy, you don't need the toolbox to do it.

  • It does, thats what I have, all new is new as of 2020

  • you don't need the toolbox to do it.

    true, but the tool box does it in a single click and also removes all the amazon junk

  • removes all the amazon junk

    This I did not know. Will investigate.

  • That the whole point of it! Read the release notes for the version 9 release for all the features.

  • Thanks, will do.

  • My Honor 8X has a smashed screen and I find it is far too big - I don't watch anything on my phone, nor do I do any work on it. Are there any recommended phones sub £200 which will come in a few cm smaller?

  • Got the Fire 8 HD tablet and the Fire Toolbox just will not work; just constantly disconnects from the laptop or software says Amazon Onyx tablet not recognised

  • Phoned my network provider to find out how much they were gonna charge me for my leased Pixel 3, AU$260!!! That's a win I think, it's only six months old and still plenty fast enough for my needs... Maybe I'll get a Pixel 6 next year...

    On the flip side I dropped my work iPhone 7 (which was in a Ringke Slim case) and destroyed the screen today, 30mins and $150 later it's back to working again... I hate iPhones, phones for fucking babies...

  • Best guess would a be a driver issue (that's where I always used to run into problems doing stuff like this). Have a look at how it shows up in device manager.

    I also assume you've turned on USB debugging or whatever.

  • did you turn on debugging on the device and then run the toolbox as an administrator?

  • Run as admin seemed to fix it thanks all

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Android phones, apps and tablets

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