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  • Apologies for descending into pedantry but is your 'Poco 3' the Poco X3 NFC?

  • My LG G4 also on its last legs (battery). What do I buy? Pixel 5 or 4a (whichever G)? Or are there better options... Would prefer 'clean' Android so the Pixels seem ideal?

  • Although suggestion is this might be a make do approach till they have their own chips (much like Apple is doing now)­google-wants-to-dump-qualcomm-launch-sma­rtphone-soc-as-early-as-next-year/

  • Although suggestion is this might be a make do approach till they have their own chips (much like Apple is doing now)

    That was my first thought actually...whether they had a more hardware related reason for this. Either way, I predict high sales.

  • In more general terms, I wonder how longer the cellphone arms race will continue before consumers realise they are paying through the nose for stuff they don't need and kills the battery life of their device? The gap between what mobile apps use and phones actually provide is bigger than ever.

    The Samsung Galaxy s20 range has a CPU with 8 cores and a combined 17Ghz of processing power with 12to 16GB of fairly fast RAM, not to mention 8k video capabilities when virtually nobody has the ability to view video in that resolution anyway.

    Not many people have PCs that powerful ffs.

    On my Galaxy S9 you can't even tell the difference between having it in HD mode as opposed to Quad HD mode without using x10 magnification. You literally can't tell the difference with the naked eye. The only way you know it is in HD mode is that the battery lasts longer.

  • I do struggle a bit to see what you get for over £250 on phones now.

    The Oppo I have was about £250 and has good camera (multiple lens, etc), 8GB RAM, 256GB storage, a processor fast enough that I've never noticed it slowing, etc. There's 5G missing but I can't really see what else a person would normally need

  • The biggest actually useful thing that the expensive phones have over the cheaper phones is a better camera which is pretty important to a lot of people. It doesn't justify the cost imho.

  • My G7 was about £180 when I bought it I think (from HK no UK charger). 64GB plus SD slot, NFC, Gorilla Glass, camera isn't iPhone good, but it's good.

    I know I sound like a broken record, but unless you're tied to the Apple ecosystem /lifestyle sub£300 seems to give 99% of people pretty much everything they actually need.

    Also a fan of the stock Android after seeing all the shit on my OH's old Samsung.

  • Also a fan of the stock Android after seeing all the shit on my OH's old Samsung.

    Skinning varies. Samsung and LG are notorious for their massive dicking about with Android. On the other hand, compared with my parents' "pure Android" Nokias, the tweaks Sony have made to my Xperia are a good thing, nothing bloaty or obtrusive but a few genuine improvements.

  • That's good. I probably unfairly just assume Sony will fuck with every possible standardisation there is.

    I think Motorola's gestures are fairly common - some useful, some less so, but other than a nudge or three every so often it's not that intrusive.

  • The main pisser on customisation is those apps that exactly duplicate system apps (calendar, contacts, etc) but can't be deleted and occasionally seem to try and reset themselves as default.

  • Worth mentioning that the Samsung mods on my s9+ are at worst inoffensive and some bits are pretty good. Still miss stock android though.

  • There is one feature I'd love to see in android...the ability to tell your phone not to pair with specific bluetooth devices automatically once you've set them up. Really fucking annoying when my phone auto connects to my car or headphones when I dont want it to. Particularly when I'm trying to connect my bluetooth headphones to the TV and my tablet and phone auto connect before the TV does (headphones have max two connected devices at a time). Means I have to find one of the devices and disconnect before my TV can connect.

  • Can your phone connect to the car without the car being on?

  • I guess the option I'm looking for is "pair with this device but only connect when I ask you to"

  • Just noticed there's now an XCover Pro and an even tougher one called XCover FieldPro­Phone1=10001&idPhone2=9730&idPhone3=9937­

    They're both quite a bit larger and quite a bit more expensive than the 4S though.

  • I've only got my car and headphones, so it isn't an issue.

    But my car is one of those annoying unsolvable processes where it will connect seamlessly sometimes then other times require a whole combo of things to get the Spotify functions on the ICE display working correctly. But it's a relatively old car now.

  • Yes, thats the one

  • Anyone who would want to go halves on a Pela case with me? They're doing a Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer now but I don't need two...

  • @Spotter any update on the Fire with the fire toolkit? Are you still happy with it?

    This might be a stupid question, but if I've bought games on the play store, can I install them on the Fire?

    I'm thinking about either the 10" (£90) or the 7" (£30).

    TBH it's mainly for my OH to have in the childbirth, so Idk if £90 is excessive. Equally I wonder if a 10" is going to be more useful for house use and the occasional holiday / trip.

    Does anyone have any views on the specs of the 7"?




  • Actually the 8" is the same spec as the 10" so maybe that's a more goldilocks choice. Although it's made me realise it's ages since I've used a 10" tablet.­ef=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fab_dZtHFb8QPFQD0

  • I've got the 8", paid £65 and couldn't be more pleased after using the fire toolbox. It's now exactly what I wanted from a tablet

  • CSB warning.

    A very good friend of mine is a hopeless early adopter and gets very excited by new gadgets. This means he recently took delivery of a nice shiny Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.

    It has actually turned out to be quite a useful device for him in his job. Other than the size of the thing he has no complaints about the functionality and has really enjoyed being able to do spreadsheet stuff on the hop without having to get a tablet or laptop out of his bag.

    The big problem is the durability. We always knew it was going to be fragile and would have to be looked after very carefully.

    What he wasn't expecting was when he splashed a bit of curry on it last night and found the screen has a permanent curry stain. Oh well, only £600 for a new screen... :D

  • Cheers.

    Do you know if you can download games you've already bought from the play store using the fire toolbox?

    ^ curry can be brutal.

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Android phones, apps and tablets

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