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  • My ancient Pixel 2 just promoted Android 11 download. I have no idea what all the changes are but swiping up giving the option for a screenshot is nice!

    Which is more than my Pixel3 does, screenshot is now off button and sound down button together. Only happened after upgrade to 11

  • It's always been that on my Pixel 3...

  • used to be, just hold power button until put 11 on

  • Feck, that's annoying, I preferred the old method.

  • Had the ‘something big is coming’ email from google. Sale on the store on 27th presumably ahead of pixel 5 on the 30th? Can’t wait tbh. Think my ‘no phone’ experiment has gone on long enough. Mainly miss having a camera that isn’t a 7 year old iPad.

  • Upgraded to 10.
    Now my home WiFi connection is shonky. Has anyone else had this, how did you fix it?
    (Not connecting to my WiFi)

  • So I've got to give my phone back just before Christmas (lease deal), was thinking I'd just give it back and buy a Pixel 5 outright but I've seen used Pixel 3s on sale for AU$300... My current handset is only a couple of months old as Google warranty replaced the old one... Reckless me wants a Pixel 5, sensible me wants the Pixel 3 if my network will let me have it cheap... What would you do?

  • if my network will let me have it cheapp... What would you do?

    The answer is going to depend on how cheap

  • ~AU$300-$350 and I'd be tempted, any more and I'll buy a Pixel 5...

  • 22 per cent off at the store today with GOOGLEBDAY22

    t&cs etc

  • Do vodafone really charge to transfer data from old phone to new?

    My mum is upgrading her phone with Vodafone and isn't sure how to keep her old photos. She doesn't do remote instruction well and doesn't have any other devices I can do some sort of video call with. My dad had a similar issue a couple of years ago and he took his to Vodafone and they just did it for free. I suggested she pay them a visit and she said they wanted £25 for it.

  • Argh missed this, could have been handy for my Pixel 4a order

  • It's ok. Double checked at the time. Didn't apply to phones.

  • Pixel 4a has been despatched, looking forward to having a decent camera on my phone for once

  • Must admit that I'm loving the One Plus 8 Pro.

    Despite the imminent Pixel release I think Google have fallen by the wayside recently.

  • Low/mid-range Android for a friend who wants something bigger and better than a rather ancient iPhone. I'm thinking Nokia 6.2, Sony Xperia L4, Moto G8, Samsung Galaxy A21 as a starting point for consideration. Any blindingly obvious sins of omission or commission, bearing in mid that she's not going to touch a Chinese brand with a 10 foot pole?

  • just upgraded from Nokia 6.1 to a Pixel 4a. So far, pretty impressed. Nice size, super fast and the camera is light years ahead. Not bad for a budget phone.

  • Google not going for the Premium phone bracket this time.­337766

  • Just a follow-up on my amazon fire 8 with the fire toolkit. Took it away on hols and it was perfect, I dont see any reason to pick the 3gb ram model tbh (maybe if you plan on gaming on it?), for web browsing and watching media 2gb is more than enough. I was really pleased how good the speakers are too btw

  • I think this is a canny move.

  • Pixel5 (128G ram) £599 / $699
    Pixel4a (5G) £499
    Not pocket money prices.

  • Not pocket money prices.

    No, but not iPhone £ks. But yeah I still think >£500 is a lot to spend on a phone nowadays given what £350 buys you.

    Maybe it's my pier group, but pretty much everyone I know falls into two camps:

    1. "is it an iPhone?"
    2. "I want a good camera"

    There are a couple of outliers who are genuine "power users" and buy a One+ until it falls apart. Battery failing always seems to be the new phone motivator for everyone.

    Based on my micro sample size it seems like all that's needed is a shit hot camera on a 64GB phone that's not too slow.

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Android phones, apps and tablets

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