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  • Whilst I'm in here, are there any recommendations for music apps that work well with iTunes on a Mac? Play Music is shit and I think it's being phased out anyway.

  • Thanks for the heads up! In that case, any other music players that will work well on mac/android?

  • foobar2000

  • Why not replace like for "like" with a Nokia 105? Only about £20. The new Nokia 3310 is pretty good too although closer to £80 (if you shop around)

  • Yeah, I was wondering why not get a dumb phone like that ^

  • I was thinking I couldn't get her another brick phone because she was switching to a 3-based network with no 2G signal, but she texted me last night and it turns out she's not and her network is EE-based so I got her a Nokia 5310 for now (the 105 is fine but the buttons are a bit smaller).
    She has spoken about eventually wanting a smartphone though so I was hoping I could just immediately get her started on one but that might take a little while. I've only ever used Android so would be inclined to recommend that but now my wife is saying she thinks iOS is easier for a complete newbie and that I should get a refurbished iPhone, but tbh I find Apple people always say that sort of thing. The other alternative is to eventually get a slightly more capable KaiOS phone so she can at least use WhatsApp.

  • Oh yeah, and my brother and I did get her a new 3310 when it released a few years ago but I let my bro buy it and he decided to save money and get it on eBay. Naturally it turned out to be a Chinese fake and didn't work properly, so I decided not to get her another one and be like 'this one will work, promise!'

  • Anyone bought the Google Pixel Buds? Verdict? I've been toying with the idea of getting some...

  • iOS is easier

    My dad has had an iPhone for ages and struggles just as much as with his first (very basic) android. Equally he can still do 85% of what he needs to. He still never uses the locked screen or pull up shortcuts, so it can't be that intuitive for old people.

    My 2p is people make too much of a thing over OS and imo most of it derives from industry marketing influence disguised as product reviews and comments. It might have been a thing before whatever that iOS update was that gave you the quick pull down menu on the iPhone 4s, but since then they've all been fine. That said I do think the settings section has been easier on my Motos.

    Anyway the two main things are; 1) even a referbed iPhone isn't cheap, 2) if you don't have an iPhone you'll have to Google everything while you troubleshoot... although if your wife has an iPhone it might be a good way to pass the buck to her...

  • Me too, preordered the 4a and the option to getr the wired ones for £30 came up, really intrigued by the translate feature but not exactly sure if it would help or hinder the language I'm trying to learn

  • I'd forgotten about that, I'm buying them on the strength of that alone! Then I'll hang around a bunch of immigrants to test them...

  • I have the wired ones, i think they're great.

    Never used the translate function, but i think they're perfect for cycling as they're not super "in-ear" and you can still hear traffic etc.

    Can't believe they're £30! I paid £150..

  • Someone else pointed out to me as well that iPhones require you to create and manage more accounts, whereas you can just have your one Google account for everything on Android so the latter seems less daunting. Also my dad reminded me that he bought her a Nexus tablet years ago on my recommendation and she seemed to be OK with setting that up for watching things in bed so it's not like she's totally new to Android.

  • I went iPhone > Android > iPhone again (not through choice) . I really liked my budget Android and I would agree with the Google account thing, but in hindsight what I hated about the Android (and older users would probably struggle with this too) was the fact that photo/video media were all over the place. I was in Boots once and wanted to print a wedding photo as an anniversary gift and, without exaggeration, it took me most of my lunch break to find the picture and somehow move it into the relevant folder for the Boots app to recognize it.

    From memory there were the following options in order to locate media:
    Photos App
    File Manager

    Whatsapp Photos

    GoogleDrive App

    Did my head in, whereas all photos and videos are in one place on an iPhone, regardless of source.

  • Sounds like you had a butchered version of Android! Its true that photos can be in different subfolders depending on which app created them but they have always been in one place in the gallery app for me! I.e downloads, whatsapp images, screenshots all appear in the same place.

  • Nah stock Android - that's the main reason I bought it!
    I must have changed some settings or something because it really wasn't as easy as I find it on an iPhone.

  • photos can be in different subfolders depending on which app created them but they have always been in one place in the gallery app

    I'd say the gathering of image media from different sources is patchy

  • I'd say the gathering of image media from different sources is patchy

    Not for me but lots of different flavours of android out there.

  • Agree, I've also had way more faff than necessary locating files at times

  • hoto/video media were all over the place.

    Pretty sure mine are in the same place, but my phone prefers to hide that place from me.

    It's fucking awful.

    I realized it's why sometimes I can only upload one pic at a time here - if you select pics from your Google Photos instead of via the phone memory then you only get to do one at a time.

    Also while where whinging I'm not convinced by the swipe left for back feature. I've trained myself to make it work, but it's definitely a feature conceived in a meeting.

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  • Just ordered a Poco x3 because of the below offer, can't believe I have basically ordered a phablet, time will tell how I cope with the size but was too much phone for the money to say no and my LG G4 is starting to show its age­poco-x3-128gb-6gb-nfc-snapdragon-732g-66­7-120hz-5130mah-64mp-quad-camera-ps209-6­4gb-ps179-with-code-at-xiaomi-uk-3545005­?

  • I'm guessing it was one of those where you plug your phone into the photo machine and you select the image to print on their machine. I remember issues with one of those.

  • lots of different flavours of android

    And lots of different apps which can generate image content in their own special part of the directory tree

  • My ancient Pixel 2 just promoted Android 11 download. I have no idea what all the changes are but swiping up giving the option for a screenshot is nice!

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Android phones, apps and tablets

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